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3 great everyday presets for the (FREE) Lightroom Mobile App to make your your photos pop!  Compatible with all mobile devices.


3 Mobile Presets - Preset 1, Preset 2, Preset 3


Please note that these presets are NOT compatible with the desktop version in Lightroom. Same goes for our desktop version, it is not compatible with our mobile version. 


To download presets you will receive an automatic pop up after purchase. This will contain a download link for a PDF file giving you a step by step guide for installing the Presets into the Lightroom Mobile App. You will receive 2 emails. A ‘Confirmation’ email and a ‘Downloads Ready’ email. The 'Downloads Ready' email will contain a download link for the presets. 


All preset sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances. Email for customer service inquiries. By placing this order, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


We’d love to see your photos using the presets! - please tag us and use #DestinationFamilyPresets

Everyday Presets - Mobile Pack

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