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A Knight At Medieval Times Dinner Theater

The cold weather is upon us which means no more waterparks and playgrounds for the little ones. My family wanted to find unique experiences the whole family would enjoy in the warmth of a building and not bundled up with our coats on like eskimos. So when we heard about Medieval Times, it was perfect! A show plus dinner with seats and heat that the entire family could enjoy. I honestly didn't know it could get any more perfect.


Medieval Times is an experience like no other. There are 10 castles across the U.S. We had the oppourtunity to be able and visit the castle in Baltimore, Maryland. Each showing lasts approximately 2 hours. The castle opens 1.5 hours beforehand for a chance to shop, drink, and explore before the show begins in the Hall of Arms. During the show, they come around with lights and flags if you didn't get the chance to purchase them before the show begins.


When you make your way into the castle you will be randomly given a colored crown and get your group photo taken. This can be purchased during the show. The color indicates the section that you will be sitting at during the show. They will separate you by color and call you in order to be seated. Try to be in the front because they assign sections but not seats. We got our drinks, lights, sword, shield, and we were ready to go!

The doors open. Everyone rushes to their seats for the show to begin. Lights and fog fill the arena as the music makes its way to your ears. Horses show off their talents. A falcon soars high across your head. Knights make their way to the arena as you meet the queen. We had the pleasure of cheering on the green knight.


The tournament begins! Knights compete head to head at games to test their skills on who is the true knight.

They test to see which knight can hit their target perfectly. Our knight hit the middle so hard that they struggled to release the arrow from the target.

The most challenging test, in my opinion was to see which knight could get a little ring on their lance (the poles in which they joust with) while riding their horse.

In between each game the queen throws flowers down to each knight for them to throw it to lucky princesses in the crowd. My sister caught this beautiful flower but, of course, we gave it to my son, Braden.

My favorite act had to be jousting. Knights compete against each other to see which knight was indeed the strongest. As they jolted towards each other in hopes to be the better knight, I was on the edge of my seat to see who would win. Lances and shields broke into pieces. Some knights even fell off of their horses.

After jousting they go into a head to head battle. Swords hitting each other, creating sparks in the air. As they try to block each attack with their sheild. (Don't worry this part is kid-friendly. There is no blood or glory horrific things. After the battle, they even limp away like they are in pain).

Our knight sadly didn't win.


During the show, your waiters bring you beverages and each course of food. Remember utensils are limited due to the Era that they make us believe we are in. (You can ask for a fork and knife for your food. My mom didn't want to eat with her hands.) You start off with tomato bisque soup and garlic bread. Then roasted chicken, sweet buttered corn, and herb-basted potatoes are brought out to you. To top it off a desert from the castle. They do offer different menus for allergies and vegetarians that you can request when you order tickets. The food was fantastic!


Tips for you and your family:

1. It does get a little chilly but, not much so dress light and bring a light jacket with you.

2. You can bring a stroller but, they ask for you to leave it parked at the top of the staircase.

3. Join their birthday club for your free ticket on your next special day.

4. Buy tickets on a savings day. The winter saving you can buy tickets with up to $22 off.

5. Arrive in enough time to be able to look around in the Hall of Armour.


More Information:

Where? They have 10 castles in Baltimore, Buena Park, Dallas, Orlando, Atlanta, Lyndhurst, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, Scottsdale, and Toronto.

Contact? 1-866-543-9637 or

Website? Click the photo below to open a tab to their website to schedule your adventure.


*** I'd like to say thank you for Medieval Times to invite me to see what all the hype was about. My blog posts are always written from my own non-biased opinion. All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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