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Treatville With Hershey & The Whole Gang At Hershey Park In The Dark

Hershey World has always been our family favorite since the day I can remember. Covid has messed up our family trips this year as well for people around the world. Seeing that Hershey was open for Halloween made that our go-to place! I wanted to find something that was child friendly without all the tricks and boos. Hershey In The Dark is the best Halloween spot for your little ones.


Hershey Friends:

Seeing all our favorite candy characters dressed up ready to go for their trick or treat friends. With Covid safety precautions there is a chain for no contact picture taking to protect yourself and others.


Are Rides Open:

Dozens of rides are going to be open (weather permitting) during Hersheypark In The Dark. This is the perfect time to ride all of your favorites before the season is over for the year. I found this to be the perfect time for Braden to ride all of his Hershey Miniature rides for the first time. He loved them!


Lights Out Roller Coasters:

The all-new Candymonium, Comet, Laff Trakk, Lightning Racer, and Wildcat, gives you a new experience racing through your favorite rides through the darkness of Hershey.


Sweet Treats:

Experience Hershey in a whole new way with delicious Pumpkin King Size Shakes, a Pumpkin King Size Donut, a Pumpkin Pie Funnel Cake Sundae, or a delicious s’more.


Treatville On The Boardwalk:

Covid makes things run a little differently but, doesn't stop the fun at Hershey! Ages 12 and under can stop by all 10 candy stops to enjoy fun, fall decor, and your favorite candy. Each child receives their own trick or treats bag. Stations are far apart to avoid crowds.

Mom Trick: If you have those leash backpacks, trick, or treat bags clip perfectly on them. No need to hold your candy, fear of dropping any, and no having to hand the bag back and forth to your little one when you get to a station for more treats.


Our Family Tradition:

We love having matching pajamas. We can easily spot each other if someone gets lost and we match in all of our photos. Each year together choose our favorite Pjs but, this year just in time we found the perfect pair for our sweet Halloween adventure.


*** Thank you Hershey park for inviting us to experience Hershey In The Dark. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my nonbiased opinion. ***



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