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Bright, Vibrant, & Sand-free, Tesalate Towels

Tesalate is now my favorite towel! The design was so bright and perfect for our Summer days. I can't wait to take a trip to the beach this summer. COVID-19 has played around with our trips this year. I was thrilled that our package came fast before our cruise but, our cruise was canceled due to the virus. It did come in handy for other activities like yoga, swimming in the pool, and a perfect towel to sit on during a picnic. The size was perfect for Braden and me to share.


What Is A Tesalate Towel?


Tesalate is an exclusive AbsorbLite fabric that has been specifically engineered to create a towel perfect for any adventure. You can leave all the sand on the beach with the sand-free technology designed straight from Australia. Each towel can absorb over 1 liter of water and dry within half the speed of your leading brand name towels.


My Review Of Tesalate!


We received the "Ride The Rainbow" towel. This towel highly lives up to the expectations of what everyone says! I honestly hate sand. It is so sticky and sticks to everything. Taking the towel to the beach I had the chance to test out my new towel. Sand fell off like it was nothing. it is bright enough for hot summer days on the beach. It is cute enough for everyone to be jealous of my yoga class. It is also soft enough to use as a regular showering towel. I love that it folds easily into the bag it comes in but, it is big enough to use for two people, now Braden and I can share!


*** Britt's Creative Crafts always writes their reviews based on their nonbiased opinion. Thank you Tesalate for sending us our towel. ***



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