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Exploring The Calvert Marine Museum In Solomons, MD

The Calvert Marine Museum is a small attraction in Solomons Island, Maryland. This 29,000 square foot exhibit features wildlife, many hands-on activities, a view on the past and today. The outside exhibits include a tour of a lighthouse and how people once lived, boat rides, and a marsh walk. This museum is perfect for kids to get their little minds learning through the hands-on exhibits and activities. There are many things to do for a great day adventure.


When you get there, the featured exhibit is Sting Rays and Skates. You can watch them float and swim across the water. If you are brave enough, you can reach in to feel them. You can also see and feel their eggs and learn how they grow. When you feel them, don't be afraid! They are slimy but not mean.


The discovery room is perfect for your kiddos. They can dig for fossils, learn how to identify what species of shark it came from, climb onto a sailboat and pretend to sail, or dress up in colonial costumes. How about climb to the top of the lighthouse? You can also go to the touch tank and learn what a starfish feels like and feel a turtle's shell. There is so much for them to enjoy and the best part is that they will be learning with every step.


The maritime history exhibit is two levels of artifacts and boats showing the heritage of Southern Maryland and shows the story of the human interaction with the environment. It also explains what people did like fishing and building which changed the Chesapeake Bay.


The museum also includes an Estuarine Biology Gallery. They highlight three unique bay habitats: the deep open waters, the brackish coastal shallows, and freshwater tidal tributaries. They show off some unique fish that can blend in with rocks that is called camouflage. There are also some hands- on learning games that match wildlife to the environment in which they live.


Dive into the past with the Paleontology Exhibit. You will get to take a look at fossils, see a giant skeleton, learn about the past life, and how the United States is changing. Take a couple of minutes to watch a clip on Plate Tectonics. Don't forget to watch a real paleontologist examine fossils from long ago. You will have the chance to feel some bones from past life.


Head outside for The Otters And Marsh Walk. Watch as the otters swim, dive, and play together. If you watch long enough you might even see them flip through the water. You can even walk along the shores of salt and fresh water marshes. You can observe a variety of birds flying, crabs walking, fish swimming and plants in their natural habitat.


You can observe boats from the different eras in the Craft Shop and Boat House. You can also go over to see woodcarvers and shipbuilders at work. Explore the Drum Point Lighthouse. It is a cottage style lighthouse built in 1883. You can observe boats from the different eras in the Small Craft Shed. You can also go over to see boat builders at work in the Patuxent Small Craft Center. There are also boat rides available next to the lighthouse, make sure to see the website for more details.


Contact: 410-326-2042

Hours: Daily 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Admission: Adults $9

Senior Citizens (55 and older) $7

Children Ages 5-12 $4

Military $7

Children Under 5 Free

Location: 14200 Solomon's Island Road, Solomon's, MD 20688


*** All photo's are property of The Destination Family. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my nonbiased opinion. ***



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