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Grow Your Heart 3X Bigger With These Bookmarks

Thanksgiving is over which means, Christmas time! No more "hallo-thank-mas". Stores are filled with red and green. Christmas music being played everywhere you go. Children's eyes light up to see Santa in hope they were a good boy or girl and receive all the presents they asked for. Trees and houses dazzle with lights. Everyone is counting down the days until Christmas arrives.

One of my favorite Christmas movies has to be "The Grinch", the old one. I mean the new one is pretty good but, nothing beats the originals. It's so nice to be able to sit with your fluffy socks on, reindeer PJs, drinking hot cocoa, and reading a great book or two. Nothing will make that more perfect except these Grinch bookmarks that will grow your heart three times bigger!


Materials Needed:

popsicle stick (I used green colored ones but, you can paint your own)

Red paint

Red posco paint marker

White chalk marker


Black sharpie, ultra-thin point


How To Make:

1. Take your popsicle stick. Make sure it is green and dry if you painted it.

2. Take your posco red marker and make a heart about halfway down.

3. Draw your Grinch face near the top but, make sure there is room for the Santa hat.

4. Make the top piece red. When it is completely dry, take your white chalk marker and make little swirls right below to make the hat look fluffy and a tiny line at the top.

5. Allow the entire stick to dry and fantastic! You now have your own personal Grinch bookmark.


*** All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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