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Hooray Heros Flying In For The Best Personalized Gift For Your Family

Hooray Heros are personalized books that you can for your family/friends starting at $39. There are so many different stories to choose from you can find the right one to read to your little ones. These stories are perfect for ages 0-12. It's so simple to personalize your own story, with a couple of questions you'll be done in no time! Don't forget the gift box that you can choose to wrap your book!


Are you looking for Valentine's gift? These make the perfect gifts. They have both mommy and daddy editions. Make your son/daughter, create mommy or daddy. You can change features like skin color, hair color and style, eye color, and even extra features like my character, freckles, and glasses. Enter in their names too! A helpful tip you can put their nicknames that you call them. Then choose 10 different page stories. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3! Here are the stories we choose for our book!

1. Archeologist

2. Astronaut

3. Racecar Driver

4. Inventor

5. Farmer

6. Chef

7. Pilot

8. Globetrotter

9. Doctor

10. Marine Biologist

There are quite a variety of stories to choose from. You can read each one to find the perfect stories for your personal story. Each one is not too long to keep your child's attention as they are listening along.


Braden and I received our book in the mail! Braden wouldn't let go of the book so, I could look at it. He had such a big smile on his face. Our book is named "When Braden Grows Up - Mommy Edition". I absolutely love it! The stories are perfect, the illustrations are adorable, and makes the best story to read for bedtime. Reading to your child every night is the best way to get understand the written word for their future, stimulating their language and listening skills. It also opens their door to imagination expanding the horizon of the world.


*** Thank you Hooray Heros for sending us a book of our very own. All of our opinions are always based on our non-biased opinion. ***



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