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Little Nibbles With Nuby, Food Made Fun

Being a first-time mom I've had my challenges. It would take Braden over an hour to finish a 4-ounce bottle even at 2 AM then after all of that he'd just throw it up. He barely would sleep. After trips to Children's hospital, we were told he has reflux and a flap in his throat known as Laryngomalacia. Medicine didn't work for him and had switched his formula multiple times until we tried Elecare. Finally, we had found a formula that worked but, we had to add oatmeal in every bottle to make the formula thicker. If you don't know about Elecare it is $42 a can. As you can tell weaning is my favorite stage so, far.

I'm happy we haven't had any trouble with weaning yet. He seems to enjoy everything he eats. Thankfully we've had Nuby to send us different products to make eating in style a breeze for our little one.


Click on each photo to open a tab where you can buy these products for your little ones.


Is your child constantly throwing their bowls onto the floor? Nuby's Sure-Grip Suction Bowls will be your lifesaver. This 100% silicon bowl is made for 6+ months perfect for baby-led feeding. This integrated suction bowl with the non-slip base will stick to most flat surfaces, perfect for Braden's high chair.

Braden really enjoys eating out a bowl. I love that he can't throw it on the floor like all of his toys. It is not too big so it makes portion control really easy. If your food gets cold, heat it up. This bowl is microwavable and dishwasher safe. All-in-one silicon makes cleaning easy to do even with a wipe. BPA & PVC free.


Looking for adorable plates that will make your child enjoy eating? The Elephant Sure-Grip Miricle Mat Suction Plate is perfect for your children 6+ months. This integrated suction plate is made with 100% silicon with super gripping action. The built-in suction base sticks easily to tabletops and some high chairs. Messes will soon disappear. The extra layer around the elephant gives your child a built-in placemat to avoid any messy clean-ups with easy wipe ups and being dishwasher safe. BPA & PVC free.

My son loves this plate. The color pop-out to make any meal fun. I love that Nuby makes the cutest plates. There are so many animals to choose from. The elephant plate will be my favorite until they create a giraffe one. The sections were perfect for portion control. On the go? This plate fits perfectly into your diaper bag with an easy wipe down, it's the perfect on the go plate.

Sealing Tips: Press down in the center of the plate to remove any trapped air to ensure a complete seal. Be sure to make sure there is no oil or grease on the bottom before your stick your plate onto your desired surface.


*** I have partnered with Nuby as part of Nuby's Parent Blogging Program. I didn't receive any compensation but, I do receive free products to review. All of Britt's Creative Crafts reviews are based on my own non-biased opinion. ***



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