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Looking For Cuddly Children Wear For Your Little One? Soft & Sweet Is Here To Help.

I love being able to cuddle with Braden. He's finally starting to be a little love bug. He comes to you for hugs and forehead kisses. Yesterday he took a couple of steps before he fell over. I wish I could have got it on video. I wanted something cute and snuggly for those perfect cuddle moments throughout the day. That is when I found Sweet & Soft.


What Is Sweet & Soft?


Based out of New York, the Gindi Brothers had a dream to produce children's clothing at affordable prices. They pursued their dream of new and trendy fabrics and designs into the market. They have the perfect gifts, super soft clothing, towels, baby bags, and so much more to choose from.


What Is My Favorite Product?


We love the Light Blue Bear Hooded Bathrobe & Slippers - 0-9M. The fabric was so soft that I wanted a robe of my own. It was such a nice way to end bath time. The robe kept him warm and dry until we applied his lotion to have baby soft skin. The slippers fit perfectly keeping his little toes warm and cozy. It's also perfect for walking back to our hotel room during vacations, after freezing from swimming.


*** Thank you Sweet & Soft for sending us some products to try on at home. Britt's Creative Crafts always writes their reviews based on their nonbiased opinion. ***



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