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Roer's Zoofari Adventure For The Whole Family

Roer's Zoofari is unlike other zoos with a whole new twist. Take an adventure through the self-drive safari experiencing up-close encounters with 9 different species. When your done hop into those walking shoes for the walking tour to see Waffles the giraffe and so many more friends. Take a picture-perfect photo at any of the photo stops scattered around the park.

Disappointing how it is, Covid-19 is still something we need to protect others and ourselves from. Social-distancing marks placed around the zoo to keep a safe distance of 6-feet apart. During the safari, you drive in the safety of your own vehicle.


Self-drive Safari


Come on down to the safari, have you ever been to the zoo when the animals pop their heads in your windows. Get face to face with up to 9 different species from majestic bison, lovable llamas, and friendly fallow deer, and more. Unlike traditional zoo's there are 30 acres of land for these friends to roam freely.

Braden's favorite animal had to be the ostriches even though their beady eyes kept starring at me. You receive a 30-minute time block which allows you to drive through twice to take in the full experience. Don't worry you can buy more food for the second way around. Pick up some fresh carrots to self-feed the animals on your trip.

It is mandatory to experience the Self Drive Safari tour first. Enter the Self Drive Safari making the first right as you enter the zoo than check-in at the admissions building. Consider placing a reservation online and having it ready to be sure that a spot is available. Due to COVID, there are limited spaces.


Walking Tour


Don't worry the walking tour has more than 30 minutes. You can spend the whole day from 10 -4 to visit some of the most amazing animals in the world. Once you park and head to the white tent to check-in. Pick up your carrots to feed sheep, goats, rabbits, and many more barnyard favorites. Reserve lettuce to feed the exotic animals like Waffles the giraffe, camels, and more! Reserve baby bottles to feed baby goats. You can purchase bird sticks for the birds on the Budgie Adventure, the special free-flight aviary.

The kangaroo walk was an experience like never before. Can you hop like a kangaroo? kangaroos can leap 30 feet in a single bounce. Waffles the giraffe had to be my favorite. Braden's nursery was Giraffe themed and they are my favorite animal. Feeding Waffles together has to be my favorite experience with my little boy.

Walking down lemur Island we saw some old school buses for those back in the day's experiences when we got to sit next to each other and go through the safari all together. It was an amazing picture opportunity and the pictures came out stunning.

Remember going to the circus as a zoo and riding all the exotic animals? Roer's zoo brings the circus to you. Take a seat and ride a camel open daily to all ages for $8


General Information


Contact? (703) 757 6222

Where? 1228 Hunter Mill Rd, Vienna, VA 22182

When? Open daily 10 AM - 4 PM

Prices? Ages 12+ $20, Ages 3-11 $12, Military & Senior $18, 2 and under free


*** All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my nonbiased opinion. Thank you Roer's Zoofari for inviting us! ***



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