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Shopping Is Like A Breeze With Binxy Baby

I've been so nervous to go on shopping trips with Braden. He grew out of his carrier car seat and he's too little to walk, so I have to either wear him or put him in the cart. You never know what others have but, their germs are too big for our little ones. He's already had to overcome RSV and ear infections. I don't want him to get any more germs. If we go anywhere like out to dinner, I'm constantly cleaning off the table with disinfecting wipes and all his toys that get dropped on the floor. Does anyone else have this problem?

Introducing Binxy Baby, shopping cart covers and hammocks. Receive 10% off with the code below.


When I first saw these I was like why did I not find this sooner? These shopping hammocks are so cute! They protect little ones from germs while also allowing him to enjoy the ride. Each one is durable with two layers of upholstery weight fabric made from cotton and spandex. They are safe to use with harnesses to strap in the car seat or your little one.

Simply attach the two 12-inch plastic clips on each side of the cart that can hold up to 50 pounds, then loop the velcro strap around the cart. Easy breezy. Insert the car seat or lay your baby down. Use the clips to safely strap them in. Now shopping is made easy. You can even shop with twins or multiples. Attach two hammocks or allow one child to sit in the cart seat. When you're done they fold back up for easy storage until the next shopping trip!


These all have such adorable designs! This cover fits on most carts easily creating a 360-degree barrier from germs. The velvety fabric comes with the right amount of cushion for your little one to ride comfortably. If they get dirty, this fabric is also washable. Keep your kiddo secure with the straps to keep them from jumping out lol. The two rings provided enough entertainment for Braden to shop around Target without being fussy and with a see-through pocket, you can secure your phone and keep them clean. When you're done fold it up using the straps until the next time.


If you had a choice wouldn't you want to keep your child away from germs especially during cold and flu season? Braden loved riding around the store in the cart like a big boy. I loved how it was so easy to install and uninstall and that we didn't have to worry about nasty germs! No more trying to avoid shopping trips or taking a bulky stroller. Now he can ride with ease. Find your perfect fit with Binxy Baby.


*** Binxy Baby did send us both items to review. All of our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. ****



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