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Stone Mountain GA

Just a family looking for a new adventure

Welcome! We aren't just your average family. We are sisters raising a toddler and making our dreams into reality. Our story began in 2018 when Britt's Creative Crafts was posted as a crafting blog for kids.
By 2020 we expanded to include everything from wellness to our exploration guides. Giving each family a source to find questions that they didn't know. A way to bring them together at home learning to expand their taste buds or creating something amazing. Guides to show them there are so many places you could go and create your adventure. Soar high above the trees, ride camels, and turn your imagination into something beautiful. Bringing families together, creating memories that will last forever.

At the end of 2021, a new change took place. From "Britt's Creative Crafts" to "The Destination Family" as we take a leap into new family adventures around the world.  

The Destination Family

Who Is The Destination Family?

Hello, I'm Brittany. I'm so grateful to have my son

and sister by my side through our travels and to have

met so many friends from around the world.


I still have plans to travel to other countries, take on

new adventures, discover new friends, and learn

about other cultures. I'm excited to bring these resources to my blog and hope to encourage families to come together at home and find new places they can go explore.


I've touched, fed, and been licked by a giraffe named Waffles. Giraffes are my favorite! Giraffe Manor in Kenya is a spot on my bucket list. Friendly giraffes in the most unsuspecting places, like the breakfast table or your room window, vying for your attention and checking out what's on your plate. Relaxing on the verandah where you can hand feed these friendly long-necked beauties. What could be a more perfect place than Giraffe Manor? 




Brittany The Destination Family



Alyssa The Destination Family

Hello, I'm Alyssa. I love that I have the chance to
take a trip every weekend to somewhere new. Every
weekend during the winter, I got to ski at a new
resort and it was amazing!

I love donkeys, Harry Potter, and training to be
a freediver. As of right now, I can hold my breath 
for almost two whole minutes!

I've been to Hogwarts and my wand choose me in
Diagonal Allay at Olivanders. I will forever love that magical trip in Orlando, FL.

If I had to go anywhere in the world, Iceland. It is beautiful, have you been there or seen the pictures? Icelandic horse rides, glacier hiking, dipping into natural hot pools, and taking in the beauty of the Northern lights. Definitely has a spot on my bucket list! 




Hello, I'm Braden. I'm always waking up in new and exciting 
places. I don't always love all the driving around but, I'm always 
able to point out all the "wee" cars and firetrucks driving down the road!

I started snowboarding at one year old. Can you believe that?
They tell me starting so early I could be in the Olympics!

I love fire trucks and coloring. My favorite animal is a penguin.
Maybe one day I'll even be able to walk alongside real penguins!

I've already been up and down the East Coast even went to Canada. Everyone says I won't remember these days, but I know mommy always has her camera.

Braden The Destination Family


What Does The Footprints Mean?

Green = Creativity. Stepping into the goat's footsteps symbolizes your creative energy and aspiration. 


Blue = Service. Making this world a better place, 1 small act of kindness at a time as the donkey symbolizes peace and service.


Red = Family. Penguin, a bird that has adapted to fly through the water instead of the sky – chooses to dive deep into the world of dreams.

The Destination Family

Together we are The Destination Family!

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