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It's offical Braden has started to soccer season and I'm the coach. To collaborate on this moment it's time for another race my Destination Friends!


To join the race you will select how many racers you'd like. This is a digital race no real racers (haha). Select which number(s) you'd like (first come, first serve. If you do not choose a number I will pick them for you). When all racers have been selected the race will begin. This will be done live so be sure to follow @thedestinationfamily on Facebook. The first two winners will receive a year's membership to the Destination friends' club and a choice of a purple/pink or red/blue/yellow soccer set with goal and a ball.

Virtual Soccer Races

  • Options to choose a number after purchase:

    1. Message us directly on our website with the name that was used to purchase

    2. Message us directly on Instagram or Facebook with the name that was used to purchase

    3. Email us " "

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