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Put A Splash Of Color Into Your Life At The Crayola Experience In Easton, PA

I remember coloring all the time when I was little, always using Crayola crayons because they were the best. To find out that there was a Crayola experience only a couple of hours away and they wanted me to go there. I knew that I needed to take Braden to show him what I have loved all my life. He was more than excited to see all the colors. I'm actually surprised that he stayed awake during the entire time we were there. I would highly recommend it for the little ones. My son is only 3 months old and I'm glad that I brought him. Even my mom enjoyed it. We spent hours here when we thought we would spend maybe an hour there. There are so many hands-on activities throughout the entire experience that you get to enjoy throughout the day. I also need to point out that even the town is amazing. It is wonderful during the day even into the night. I have photos in my shop for sale.


When you walk inside to buy your tickets you will get tokens that will be used throughout your experience on the second floor. You can buy more inside if you'd like. We bought over 20 more tokens. On the first floor, you can find the store that we visited first to make baby Braden, a baby clue crayon for our experience. We even took his picture with big blue, which is the largest crayon they have so much in the store! From getting clothes to crayons to toys, there is something for everyone to enjoy. I liked how you got to pick out a container and fill it with crayons and markers of whatever colors you chose. My favorite color is Granny Smith Apple Green. You can also find the cafe Crayola. Even the cafe is colorful. When you get hungry make sure you find your way to the first floor to get a bite to eat. There is a very kid-friendly menu here like mac n cheese and peanut butter and jelly. When you are done on this floor make your way to the stroller-friendly elevator. I recommend going to the fourth floor and make your way down. You can get all your Crayola fun at Target, my favorite store!


The top floor is not stroller friendly due to space so, they do have stroller parking outside the elevator in the hallway. There are three things you get to enjoy on this top floor and I loved all of them. My favorite had to be being able to melt crayons into different shapes. They offered sharks and rings in my visit to melt and mold. I made sharks of course for Braden when he gets older then he will have awesome crayons to use.

Meltdown was pretty interesting. I always see it in the stores that Crayola is selling crayon melters and I never really tried it. Here we all got to try how it works and they give you coloring pages. We received pumpkin pages for it being September.

The last thing they had to offer was drip art. I loved drip art so, I had to make more than one. You got to chose what two crayons you would like to have then chose the speed your paper spins. All you see because of the speed is the crayon melted in the middle. When you take your paper out you see that your work has come to life. You will make a masterpiece that looks so amazing that you could put on the fridge.


The adventure lab on the third floor is in trouble and they need you to help save it. Use the magic tablets to solve challenges and save the lab before its too late. Run around on the kid-friendly two-story playground. Have a splash at waterworks. Can you get your boat across the canal? Try your arts and craft skills out in the activity studio. They always have something new for you to enjoy.


The second floor is where you will use all your tokens. We spent most of our time here. There is so much to do. When you make your out of the elevator there is a machine that you can get Crayola markers out of with your crayons. My favorite attraction on this floor had to wrap it up. Did you ever look in stores to find something with your name on it but, never could. Here you can get your name on a crayon! I designed Braden's whole family that I put in his train crayon box that we bought from their store. Did you know that they have birthday rooms available to throw your birthday party in a place just full of color and so many attractions? When you came in and received your tokens, you got vouchers for scribble scrubbies. You can buy your own set in the link. I recommend waiting until you get home to color yours. They are washable so, the color comes off when you rub it.

Around the room, you will also see machines filled with model magic dough. You can use your tokens to pick what colors you'd like. There are also many ideas with instructions on how to make each one. I made a Halloween cat for this holiday season and my sister made binoculars. In this link, you can buy your own model magic dough and let your mind run wild with creation at home.

There is so much more on this floor! You can color your own art work and bring it to life in color magic. Meet and greet with crayons to take goofy pictures. Learn how crayons are made in the crayon factory show. Make your face into your very own coloring page. Try out your dance moves in the rainbow rain. There is so much more to do on this floor that will just light up your life with color!


General Information


Address: 30 Centre Square, Easton, PA 18042

Hours: Monday - Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM

Saturday - Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM

Admission: Ages 2 and under are free, 3+ $21.99

Number: 610.515.8000


*** All photo's are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my nonbiased opinion. Thank you Crayola Experience for inviting us! ***


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