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5 Tips for Making Your Own Mexican Food

Plenty of people have the chance to cook deliciously homemade food but others don't get that luxury. If you don't have a grandparent or parent around to cook you authentic food then you have to learn how to do it yourself. Even if you want to cook authentic cuisine, you have to consider cooking from other countries to get that true taste.

You’ll soon be bragging about “making my own corn tortillas” to all of your family members once you learn to cook your own Mexican food. If you have the guts to cook new things, then you will be able to efficiently execute the best possible Mexican cuisine at home. With this in mind, here are five tips for making your own Mexican food and making it well!


1. Salsa

Make sure that you char your salsas. If you’re making a good salsa, you want it to taste just like the authentic salsas you’ve had from your favorite Mexican places - or even Mexico! The secret is dry roasting and you have to do this with the chillies, tomatoes and onions to get that maxed out flavor. You don't need any fat in the salsa; just a great dry roast. When you do this, you can then ladle on that flavor and ensure that your salsas are the king of the cookout


2. Meat

Look out for the cheaper cuts of meat. The one thing you should know about cheaper meat cuts is that they are super flavourful. They are the best cuts for slow cooking and it’s even better if you can find the fattier pieces. You then can withdraw all of the flavor from the marbled fat that runs throughout the joints. Slowly cooking meat like this can help the fat dissolve slowly in the sauces. You can always scoop off the excess fat, but the flavor you get is going to change your life!


3. Tortilla

You only need a little. The one thing you’ll find when you make corn tortillas and other Mexican dishes is that a little goes a long way. Food groups in Mexican cooking have to be as balanced as possible and you need to make sure that you have everything balanced in each meal to make the flavor pop. Cooking should be a pleasure and with lots of fresh salsas and rice, you can balance everything well!


4. Syrup

Choose syrups. When you want to sweeten your food, choose agave. This is the syrup that will help your meals to really stand out. You’ll be able to enjoy the flavor more than you will from using conventional sugar, too.


5. Chillies

Add some fire. We’re talking about adding something sweet, well, you need to add a little fire, too. Chillies are known to get your digestion going and this will help you to facilitate your health. Use ceviches and tostadas in your starters and give them a hint of fire. You want to make sure that your taste buds feel it but not to the point you can’t enjoy the flavors!


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