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6 Reasons To Visit Legoland Water Park In Orlando, FL

Growing up, I always loved Legos. Even in high school, I did my class projects out of Legos. My favorite being that I built the entire Amphitheatre for Theater class only using Legos without a kit. So what better way to get my son to begin to love them as much as I do, than going to Legoland in Orlando. Legos bring your imagination to life with just a few blocks.

From the moment you walk in, you are captivated by the large displays built solely from Legos. Imagining the hours that had to be put into the artwork is mind-blowing. Characters from the Lego Movie are taller than I am and a waterpark with blocks that really float.


What is Legoland?

Legoland is a place where kids rule, imagination is key and dreams come to life! It's where princesses, knights, and adventurers roam. Where dragons soar, castles are stormed, and pirates sail the seven seas. Truly the ultimate multi-day vacation destination for families with over 50 rides, shows, and attractions at the Theme Park, 14 water slides in the Water Park, 3 unique themed Hotels, and so much more! One day is not enough to explore all the adventures worth seeking.

Legoland is recommended for ages 2-12 but, my whole family enjoyed their trip. From Braden being 23 months old to age 50, we all had something to love!


Why We Love Legoland Water Park


1. Floating Around The Build-a-Raft Lazy River

Thinking this lazy river is going to be the same lazy river we always think we will enjoy then the kids

get bored. Parents get exhausted trying to keep the littles on the float for a minute around a circle. Not at Legoland! Imagine, design and build your own unique Lego vessel and float around the 1000-foot-long lazy river! Who knew there are giant legos that can float around you. That's not all, around the whole lazy river take a look as Lego features bright, playful Lego models, flowering vegetation and palm trees for you to enjoy as you take a trip around this one of a kind Build-a-Raft lazy river.

2. Building Lego Castles In The Lego Wave Pool

What's a waterpark without the waves? Legoland has a huge wave pool to take a dip in. The waves are just the right size for every age. Complete with islands to take a break. Little ones will love climbing around, dipping their toes in the nice cool water, and catching the Legos floating around. Why build a sandcastle when you can build a lego castle and watch it float on the waves? Creative Idea: try to see if your lego castle can withstand the waves and make it to land.

Need to rent a Cabana? Don't worry Legoland covers that too! Choose from two types of Cabanas for rent in the Legoland Water Park: Duplo Splash Cabanas and Joker Soaker Cabanas. Duplo Splash Cabanas: These 5 locations are our most private locations, conveniently situated near our Beach & Brick Grill, restrooms, lockers and changing stations, as well as the Build-a-Raft Lazy River. Joker Soaker Cabanas: These 10 Cabana offer the best access to the ultimate water playground, the Joker Soaker. The LEGO Wave Pool, Twin Chasers slides and restrooms are also nearby for convenient access.

3. Making A Splash At Interactive Water Tables

Make a splash at the all new attraction, discovery cove! With interactive tables, you can take a break from the waves to imagine, design, and create your own Lego boat. What type of boat could make it to the finish line first? Could be a sailboat, a cruise ship, or maybe a super tiny spy boat? Let your imagination go wild and find out.

We also found more interactive tables around the wave pool. Braden loved spraying the water shooters, making the watermills spin around and around. Crashing his towers down into the water. (Yes he did carry that Lego everywhere!)

We loved the water tables. They are a perfect solution from all the waves and slides to take a break. Letting their creativity take hold and build unique boats, castles, and more.

4. Duplo Splash Safari

We LOVED the Duplo Splash Safari as you could guess, Braden's favorite part! The slides may be smaller, but the fun is still big time! There are two slides the perfect size to start learning how to slide down and make a big splash. To answer the question that you're asking yourself right now, yes you can slide down with your little one! The yellow slide is perfect size for anyone to slip down with your little mermaid or merman. Warning - Once you slide down once you'll be asked over and over to slide down again. Don't forget the DUPLO characters that we always love to see. They ready to splash and spray along side your itty bitty with wheels to turn and spin to stay engaged with hands on activities. Soft alligator to climb about. Splash Safari is especially for little ones 6 and under. Life vests are available to use. Forget swim diapers? You can purchase them in the shop.

5. Racing Down All The Water Slides

Legoland offers so many waterslides for all ages to enjoy and splash down. Guess what time its for; A waterslide round up! Duplo Splash Safari has 2 waterslides for any age. Thrill seekers, Splash Out with 60-foot drops from the tallest point in the water park, your big kid 48 inches or taller can speed down one of three slides. Get ready for intertwining waterslides, full of twist and turns on the Twin Chasers racing down 375 feet on double tubes with your racing buddy 42 inches or taller. Adjacent to the Lego Wave Pool is Joker Soaker, an interactive playground full of awesomeness! Watch out as a 300-gallon bucket tips over ready to soak you and featuring 7 waterslides of various lengths, heights, and types. All children under 42 inches must be accompanied by an adult; children must be 36 inches tall to use the lower level slides and at least 42 inches tall to use the upper level slides.

6. Beating The Florida Heat

Here in the sunshine state of Florida of 95+ degree weather, the best way to beat the heat is taking a dip in the nice cool water. With so much to do you should plan to arrive early or you won't be able to experience all that Legoland has to offer.

Important: The water park is inside Legoland with no outside gate. This means you will need a Legoland ticket and a waterpark ticket to access. The best way to save your spot is to order your tickets online for your awesome Legoland trip!

Grab your swimsuits and sunglasses or pick some up in the Surf Shop for all the trendiest styles and "Lego" on an awesome adventure that the whole family can enjoy! What will you build in a waterpark full of imagination?


*** All photos are property of The Destination Family. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my non biased opinion. Thank you Legoland for inviting us! ***


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