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Annmarie Gardens: A Celebration of Insects At Insectival

In the enchanting world of Annmarie Gardens, nature comes alive in the most fascinating ways. At the heart of this botanical paradise lies a unique event that blends education, art, and a touch of whimsy - Insectival!

What is Insectival? It's an insect festival! Enjoy a variety of educational and artsy insect-themed activities, crafts, demonstrations, challenges, and fun photo ops. It's a family day of buggy art and nature in the garden!

As the gentle buzz of bees mingles with the vibrant colors of blooming flowers, visitors are treated to a spectacle unlike any other. The garden transforms into a buzzing hub of activity, where guests of all ages can immerse themselves in the captivating world of insects.


Exploring The World Of Bugs

Annmarie Gardens takes pride in offering an experience that is both entertaining and educational. The Insectival showcases the incredible diversity of the insect kingdom, highlighting the vital role these tiny creatures play in the ecosystem.

Visitors can participate in interactive exhibits that delve into the fascinating world of insects - from their unique behaviors to their intricate anatomy. Children can engage in hands-on activities that spark curiosity and appreciation for the natural world, fostering a love for science and conservation from a young age.

Insect fun and games - hands-on activities along the shady Wooded Path, plus art activities, carnival games, and buggy explorations!

Insect Costume Contest - Come dressed as an insect and you could win a gift basket full of Annmarie Garden Gift Shop items. Stop at the Insect Zoo and have your picture taken to enter to win. *Home-made costumes, store-bought costumes... Get buggy. Bonus points for creativity.

Misty Meadow Sprinkler Zone - Need to cool off?  We will have misters and sprinklers throughout, so wear water shoes and bring a towel!

Awesome Insectivores - It's feeding time for these woodland friends who rely on insects as their primary food source! Meet our wildlife friends and learn about their favorite buggy treats!

Danger Zone! - Learn about parasitic insects like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and more! This year, the Danger Zone will experience an ARACHNID INVASION!! Learn the difference between insects and arachnids, discover which ones to avoid, and guess which bug would come out on top in a few head-to-head battle scenarios. Don't forget to take a selfie with our giant web installation!

Precious Pollinators - Learn all about pollinators and why they are so important. Catch a few butterflies and learn all about the interesting travels of the Monarch butterfly. Step inside the butterfly tent and identify a fluttering friend!

Indoor/Outdoor Insect Zoo - step inside the Main Gallery to see the live specimens from the University of Maryland Entomology Department. Step out onto the back patio to see the Annmarie collection of live and preserved specimens too! Don't forget to visit the Nature Nook while you are inside to learn all about symbiotic relationships between insects and other living things. 

Garden Friends & Foes - Find out which insects help our vegetable gardens and which ones can wreak havoc! Learn about their food preferences and how to deter these pesky insects at home. 


Artistic Expressions Inspired by Insects

In addition to its educational value, the Insectival at Annmarie Gardens is a celebration of creativity. Local artists showcase their insect-themed masterpieces, drawing inspiration from the delicate wings of butterflies, the mesmerizing patterns of beetles, and the industrious nature of ants.

From vibrant paintings to detailed sculptures, the art on display pays homage to the beauty of the insect world. Visitors can meander through galleries adorned with these stunning creations, adopt bee buddies, try homemade honey, dig through honeycomb sensory bins, and so much more!


More Information

Date(s): Jul 20 2024

Time(s): 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Admission: ADVANCE TICKETS REQUIRED - $8/person online ($11/person at the gate, if not sold out); ages 2 & under free; members free; no pets, no smoking, no vaping; rain or shine event. Attention SNAP card holders, call 410-326-4640 or email to reserve reduced-cost tickets; the deadline to reserve SNAP tickets is July 17.


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