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Are You Brave Enough To Conquer The 680 foot Bridge At Skylift Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee?

Skylift Park was on a whole new level of heights for us. Escalating straight up the mountain, 1,800 feet above sea level on a ski lift is just the beginning of a great view. Don't worry getting on and off is super easy, especially without a snowboard attached to your feet. You can ride up to three people per chair. Just sit back, hold on, and enjoy the view. You'll need to leave your stroller at the bottom if you have one. Braden sat great the whole time, eyes full of curiosity. I recommend putting the bar between any small ones legs for extra safety. Keep a look out for bears. It is always fun to play a game of bear I-spy while you wait to reach the top. Remember to say "cheese" then you can purchase a cute photo of your family riding the lift once you get across the bridge at the top.

When you reach the top; you have the option to grab a quick snack or a drink at the Skycenter and just sit back to enjoy the scenery. There is indoor seating and an outdoor balcony for everyone to enjoy. They have plenty of other outdoor seating that overlooks the town. There are even a few fire pits for those really cold days. It was an absolutely beautiful place to just look all around and see the mountains, the town and trees. This would be awesome in every season as it would always be something different to enjoy.

Time to be brave. You'll be crossing a 680 ft bridge, when reaching the center look down, there is 30 feet of see-through glass waiting for you to cross. Yes we saw a bear! It was so exciting to watch the

cub in its natural habitat right through the glass. You can take pictures as you go across or if you prefer, just walk quickly. On the other side there are even more amazing views and photo opportunities. They have a small gift shop on the Skydeck as well.

One of the best parts at Skylift Park is the friendly staff. We had so many nice people who genuinely cared that we had a wonderful time. I can't say anything negative about these workers. They made our whole experience that much better.



"The SkyLift soon became one of the most popular attractions in Gatlinburg and part of the fabric of the community. To thousands of visitors, the SkyLift has been a must-do part of their annual trips to Gatlinburg, and with many making a tradition of riding the lift every year and collecting a new family photo from the photography service which captures every chair. The tradition lives on today with the opening of the Gatlinburg SkyBridge in May of 2019." As for many others this will be our family tradition with our visits to Gatlinburg. I'm excited to have a photo in each season that I can put together.


More Information

Where? 765 Parkway, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

When? Open 7 days a week except, Christmas day

Park closes one hour after the ticket booth closes. Check website for updates hours.

Prices? Ages 12-64 $28.95, Ages 65+ $23.95, Ages 4-11 $18.95, 3 and under are free.


*** All photos are property of The Destination Family. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my non biased opinion. Thank you Skylift Park for inviting us! ***


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