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Back To School Rock Tutorial!

Painting rocks is the new trend going on everywhere. People are painting rocks and hiding them as the kindness project. Think about how happy you would be just walking through a park and find a painted rock with an inspirational phrase or beautiful art. If you want to hide the rocks you paint be sure to add @brittscreativecrafts on the back of your rock so, when someone finds your rock they know where to post a picture. If you find other rocks you can still post them on my page so, everyone can see how far their rocks travel. Today we are painting back to school rocks. They are so easy and with many possibilities you could paint a ton! My tutorial teaches you how to paint an apple but, you can paint anything like crayons, scissors, and even paper. If you never painted rocks before make sure you check out my Rock Painting 101 article.


Materials Needed:


Acrylic paint




Not needed but you can print out small pieces of paper was @brittscreativecrafts on it or use a sharpie to write it, if you chose to hide your rocks


How To Paint:

1. Pick your rock

2. Lay down newspaper to protect your surfaces

3. Paint the whole rock white

4. Use red paint to sketch out an apple

5. Use brown paint to paint on a stem

6. Use green paint to add a leaf

7. Add designs inside your apple

8. Add red dots around your apple

9. If your going to hide make sure to add @brittscreativecrafts on the back

10. Spray your rock with your choice of sealer (I used clear acrylic sealer from plaid. Found in Walmart)

11. Enjoy your new apple rock!


*** All photo's are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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