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Bathtime With Nuby Is Splish Splashin' Fun!

Braden is a big boy now!

He can sit up all by himself which makes bathtime even more fun. He is always happy in the water from his first bath to the first time in the pool. We are even signing him up for swim classes!

We love all of Nuby's products and we were more than excited to receive these bath time fun in the mail. As soon as the mailman came, we had the box open and started the bath. It was hard to be able to take pictures of everything before jumping into the bath.


Click on each photo to open a tab where you can buy these products for your little ones.


This Hippo Spout Guard is a perfect stress-free cover that fits standard faucets. They come in two different colors, blue and grey. I personally love mine. It is recommended for ages 6+ months but, I recommend having a faucet cover when your child can sit up. We can't protect our children from the World but, we have the power to protect them by baby proofing the house.

Now that Braden can sit up to play in the bathtub I was always worried about him hitting his head on the faucet as I remember always doing. It is so great that this hippo is soft it eliminates that stress. I love that the water came out of the hippo's mouth! Installation was so easy, it just took a little push.


This Tear-Free Rinse Pail is so much better than using a cup from our kitchen. Your baby will love not getting soap in their eyes from water dripping down their tiny faces. I love that it is BPA free. There are three colors available pink/purple, blue/green, and light blue/light green. I have the blue/green pail. As you can see on mine the green is much softer. It fits against your child's head to protect them from soapy bubbles draining into their eyes.

My son was all so wiggly in the bathtub for us but, we did love using the handle and rinsing all the bubbles off of him. The green part of ours was super soft to press against his forehead and rinse all the soapy bubbles off. You can see how it molds around the hippo's ear for gentle rinsing.


The Hot Safe Bath Duck is so fantastic it's even BPA free. I always worry that the bath will be too hot because we all have to admit our hot compared to a baby's hot is different. The bottom of the duck has a heat sensor. Just like their spoons the letters "HOT" turn white if the temperature is too high.

We love our new ducky friend! We first tested it in the sink with hot water. The duck bottom indeed said 'HOT". If you run the duck under cold water the words disappears like magic. Braden loved his new friend floating around the tub. Not only is it keeping my baby safe it gives him a fun new toy to enjoy!


These Bath Links are under the sea fun! This 15 piece set full of shapes and sea animals is recommended for 6+ months that are all BPA free. They link together and with the 2 suction cups that are included, you can stick them to the tub! Your kiddo will practice their gross and fine motor skills to master their hand-eye coordination all while playing in the bathtub. Your baby will be getting clean, having fun, and learning.

I love them and my son does too! He enjoyed chewing on them while I enjoyed putting them together. They are simple to attach and pull apart from each other. He was too small to put them together but, he was able to play with them, pick each one up, and pull all of them apart.


Find Nuby at these links!


*** I have partnered with Nuby as part of Nuby's Parent Blogging Program. I didn't receive any compensation but, I do receive free products to review. All of Britt's Creative Crafts reviews are based on my own non-biased opinion. ***



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