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Bring Imagination Alive With Camp Castle Play Mats

Back in the day I remember having those play carpets covered in play-doh and crumbs. I knew I wanted something different when I had my own children. When I had Braden itwas hard to choose a theme until his Birthday party theme was decided for a Farm. I searched and searched for the perfect play may for his birthday party for his cousins to play on with him. It needed to be easily cleaned, we all know kids and durable but, large enough for everyone. That's when I came across Camp Castle!


What Is Camp Castle?


Camp Castle take pride in ensuring that all of their play mats are high quality and durable enough for everyday use. The surface of the mats are long-lasting and wipeable for all of those cute (and sometimes not so cute!) little messes kids make. Designs are modern, playful, and adorable, which will engage your kid's imaginations for hours of screen-free, battery-free, and noise-free play time!


Play Farm Mat


Yee Haw! Welcome to the farm. Here they have all your favorite farm animals on one mat. Take a trip on the tractor passing the markets just to see pink pigs taking a mud bath. Who else do we see? A beautiful brown horse galloping outside the big red barn and treehouse. Milk some cows and hear sheep bah. Pick apples, see the fields and go home in your little country side home. An entire adventure of imagination with just one play mat.


What Sizes Are The Mats?


Mini - 12X16"

Medium - 43X58"

Biggie - 56X78"


Are There Other Play Mats?


Classic City

Dino Land



Outer Space

Race Track

Rainbow Land

Under The Sea


And More!!!


*** Britt's Creative Crafts always writes their reviews based on their nonbiased opinion. Thank you Camp Castle for sending us our Farm Play Mat for the perfect birthday party.***


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