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Busch Gardens, Howl-O-Scream - 2019

Are you looking for some thrills this Fall season? Fear awaits you at Busch Gardens, Howl-O-Scream in Williamsburg. From haunted houses to escape rooms there is something for everyone to enjoy. Plus they have awesome shows all evening long that will get you moving. Please be aware that all kiddie rides close at 5 and that monsters will start to appear at 5:45. Howl-O-Scream takes place on weekends from September 14 to October 27, 2019. These are some of the best haunted adventures I've seen anywhere and they even have special guided tours (additional cost).


Haunted Houses


Circo Cinistro

Located in Festa Italia.

This haunted house is both indoors and outside.

A new type of house where you get the full effect of the maze by learning about the theme before entering. Each circus tent has a creepy creature waiting to scare you as you walk from one tent to the next.


Demented Dimensions

Located in Oktoberfest.

This haunted house is indoors.

Here within the Sterling Manor you meet creatures of the new world who have taken over and made humans their favorite new meal. Watch out for terror at every turn with lots of strobe lights and fog so thick you can't see what is coming next.



Located in Italy at the entrance of Pompei.

This haunted house is indoors.

While you stroll through the possible future of a mind boggling new world there are maniacs and gas mask creatures waiting to bring you to the other side. This house contains a lot of strobe lights and fog.



Located in Oktoberfest.

This haunted house is indoors and is a bit chilly.

With frigid creatures you will get a thrill while walking through a castle of icy terror. Be careful as frost bites! STORY TIME: My sister, friend, and I were walking through and something popped out at the end and we all fell to the ground screaming like dominios.



Located in Oktoberfest.

This haunted house is outside.

This was my favorite haunted house as it was in the woods. You walk through a maze of thrills behind every tree. Watch out for many chainsaw monsters! STORY TIME: My friend had a chainsaw guy come up to her at the end of the maze and she freaked out and screamed so, he put the chainsaw behind her. She thought her legs were going to be cut off so, she fell to the ground.


Vault Overtaken

Located in Oktoberfest.

This haunted house is inside where many known monsters and classic characters you are sure to recognize from previous years are released from the

vault to scare you at every corner.


Scare Zones


Busch Gardens, Howl-O-Scream has six scare zones with thrilling chills that await you. This includes Axe Alley located in New France, Fool's Court located in France, Garden Of The Soul located in Italy, Ripper located in England, Slideshow Square located in Festa Italia, and Vampire Point located within Germany.

HALLOWEEN FACTS: When you enter Vampire Point you will see that there is garlic hanging on every door. This is beacuse, people believe that will guard you aganist evil like Vampires. If you eat it this will also make your blood poisonous to them. By the way did you know that garlic does the same thing to mosquitos?




Howl-O-Scream has three bone chilling shows that include Monster Stomp on Ripper Row located in England, Night Beats: Revamped located in Oktoberfest, and Jack Is Back located in Ireland.

All of these shows play at different times around the park. You can check these times outside the show or even find the hours on the website or the app. It will be located on the "Things To Do" tab. You can also find times for shows ahead of time when you are planning your trip out at home.


Escape Rooms (An additional cost)


Are you looking for more of a thrill? Busch Gardens has two new thrilling expierences called Jack's Twisted Terror and Grave Obsession. They are both additional cost of $30 per person and you may buy tickets online on their website.


Coaster Creepers


Did you think you were safe while riding rides? Think again. Ride all of your favorite rides like Appollo's Chariot or my FAVORITE Verbolten in the dark. This makes it fit into the halloween theme and you can also find the undead around some of your favorite rides.


Halloween Bars


These drinks are for ages 21 and up. Must have an I.D. for Halloween spirit drinks. Don't forget to get your reusable cups that can be

refilled at a lower cost. (Did I mention they are so good).

Chaos Cocktails – Located near Fools' Court (France)

Cobblestone Ale & Spirits – Located in Ripper Row (England)

Control Bar – Located across from Abbeystone Theatre (Ireland)

Jack's Nightcap – Located in Vampire Point (Germany)

Last Call: XX – Located in front of Das Festhaus (Germany)

Restless Spirits – Located near Marco Polo's Marketplace (Italy)




Busch Gardens also has halloween gifts that you can take home with you. They have a program that allows you to pickup what you buy at the end of the day or they can ship it to your house so, that you don't have to carry it around the park the entire day. Lucky for us we just put our stuff in the stroller (Perks of having a baby).

If you didn't want to just go to the store and buy a halloween related object, shirt, or anything else, you could play any of the games. Throughout the park each game has Halloween themed prizes. My favroite game was in Germany across from Verbolten. They have my favorite stuffed animals called Squishmellows. We won a witch and a mummy!


Park Information


Address: 1 Busch Gardens Boulevard, Williamsburg, VA 23185

When: September 14 - October 27, Weekends

Hours: Howl-O-Scream starts at 5:45

Addmission prices: 2 & under are free, 3+ $86.99

Save over $42 when you buy tickets online



***Britt's Creative Crafts was not paid to promote any of the places above. I enjoy traveling and sharing my unbiased opinion for other families to enjoy!***



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