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Chocolate Mummy Pretzels DIY

Spooky season is coming up and it's time to get into the Halloween spirit. These chocolate mummy pretzels will be the perfect treat to munch on while watching your favorite holiday movies. My favorite is Halloween Town.


What's Needed?


White chocolate

Plastic baggie



How To Make:

1. Lay your pretzels out flat. I put mine on wax paper for easy clean up.

2. Dump your chocolate into a bowl and micowave for 15 seconds then stir. If they need more time add 5 seconds at a time to make sure it doesn't burn.

3. Pour your chocolate into your baggie and seal shut.

4. Cut a small hole in the corner.

5. Make horizontal lines across each pretzel.

6. Let the chocolate dry

7. Enjoy! Be sure to seal in a container or plastic baggie to keep fresh.


From my family to yours, we hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!



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