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Choose The MAM Perfect Pacifier For Your Baby!

I always hear stories and see pictures of my mom telling me all about how when I was younger I would suck my thumb. Long story short, I ended up with braces. My mom then told us how with my sister she said she was gonna take a pacifier which is what she did, surprisingly she also needed braces.

I was lost on which way to turn with Braden. He will take a pacifier if I give him one but, he also is a fan of his thumb. I was so afraid that he was going to grow up needing braces (these are so expensive and frustrating for teenagers). I soon came to find out that MAM made a pacifier just to solve our problems!


Introducing the MAM Perfect pacifier. They were developed with orthodontists and pediatric dentists and designed a pacifier to reduce the risk of misaligned teeth. Now don't go thinking its just all talk. These pacifiers were clinically tested by the Dental University Clinic of Vienna.

Each pacifier has a unique design just for your baby. While you will love the design, your baby will enjoy the way each pacifier fits perfectly in their mouth due to the symmetric shape that MAM designed. The air holes are made perfectly to be skin-friendly due to the length and width of each opening. Thanks to the patented MAM innovation each nipple is silky soft to feel just like skin and 60% thinner than typical pacifiers.


My son does not love every pacifier you give to him but, he does love MAM pacifiers. I love how each design is perfect and adorable. Braden takes them without a problem. It is so relieving that I don't have to stress over if I'm doing the right thing or not by letting him have a pacifier that could potentially mess up the alignment of his teeth. I have all of the MAM pacifiers and just as they said, the MAM Perfect Pacifier is so much more thin and flexible than their other pacifiers.

I only want the best for my son which is why I want to share the best with you! Look at the smile on Braden's face. That's how you know he loves his new pacifiers!


What I love most about MAM pacifiers, not just this one but, every one has a certain feature that everyone will love! Each set of pacifiers come with a plastic box that is a safe and clean place to carry them in but, you can also use it to sterilize them. It is as simple as 1 2 3... Set both pacis inside your container that they came in. Fill the bottom with water. Microwave for 3 minutes. Just like that, your pacifiers are clean and safe for your little one to use again. We all know as moms our baby likes to drop and throw things but, we don't want our baby to have all the germs.


Click the photo below to buy your MAM Perfect pacifiers today!


*** I did not receive compensation to write this review. I did, however, receive free products from MAM to review. All my reviews are always written in my non-biased opinion. All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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