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Christmas Wonder Sensory Bottle DIY

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Lights fill the street. Everything lit up in red and green. The smell of candy canes lift the air. Boys and girls line up to see Santa in hopes to get everything on their list Christmas morning under the tree.

This year is my son's first Christmas. Of course, we went all out. We all have matching pajamas. Got an elf that has his name on it. A blanket and teddy bear that says "My first Christmas". The first Christmas ornament. I also didn't forget his two favorite things a Cookie Monster and Woody ornament. For the past month, we practiced opening presents and jumping on everyone's bed early to get ready for this special day next week.

He's too little for an advent calendar and cookie making so, I was wondering what to do. He sticks everything in his mouth and we can't have that with small things. That is when I thought of a Christmas tree in a bottle. He can eat a bottle without choking. He can also see ornaments and glitter fly around with every twist and turn. That is how I knew this was the perfect craft for my little ones that I can share with all of you. What is perfect that the toddlers I watch enjoy it just as much as he does!


Materials Needed -

Clear bottle (I used Voss water bottles)


Pine needles




How To Make -

1. Cut off pieces of your pine tree to fill your bottle

2. Alternate placing pine needles and ornaments inside the bottle

3. Dump in some glitter

4. Shake and enjoy


*** All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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