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Clean Your Baby Head To Toe With Tubby Todd

Braden loves baths. It doesn't matter if he is so tired he can't keep his eyes open or if he just woke up. The second he sees the bathtub he starts his super-speed crawl straight towards it and tries to climb in. Braden loves everything about the bath; bubbles, toys, water, being able to splash everyone. I love a clean baby that smells good so, we need a good soap to keep up with all the mess. Tubby Todd is the soap for us.


I'm allergic to just about everything. I don't want to risk that for Braden so, I always make sure he has hypoallergenic, all-natural products. Tubby Todd packs their soap with all-natural extracts and plant-based ingredients. This soap is perfect for anyone's sensitive skin, even newborns.


After his bath, he smells so good! Our soap is a natural fragrance blend of Lavender and Rosemary. All you need is one small squeeze to have your baby smelling good from head to toe. Find your hair + body wash in Lavender & Rosemary, Green Floral, and fragrance-free.


Tubby Todd has this really cool tab on their website called "Tubby Todd Hydration Station". It gives you a short description of each product that they have and when you should use it. They even let you know if its for daily use, dry skin, or eczema.


*** Britt's Creative Crafts always writes their reviews based on their nonbiased opinion. Thank you, Tubby Todd, for sending us hair + body wash to try during our bathtime fun. ***



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