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Dinos Alive Exhibit: An Immersive Experience In DC

Our lush green evergreens must lure in plant-eating prehistoric animals because Maryland sure seems to attract its fair share of dinosaur-themed attractions. For families with future Paleontologist, there’s no need to wait because Dinos Alive is here!

Dinos Alive is an immersive exhibition taking you back millions of years to the land of giants. With the help of realistic, life-sized moving replicas and a fully themed venue, you’ll step right into the Jurassic era and meet over 80 specimens of famous dinosaurs such as the T-rex, Stegosaurus, and Velociraptor. See what it feels like to walk alongside some of the largest animals to have ever set foot on our planet!


The warehouse space is nondescript from the outside, but entering the exhibition from the street really feels like you’re stepping back in time. The exhibit began with prehistoric-looking plants cover the walls and a digital waterfall cascades over the entrance to the main hall. It really felt as if we were walking back in time through a jungle. Fog machines and dramatically colorful lights may not be historically accurate (did the dinosaurs host raves?) but they do add to the “wow” factor. Braden and his best friend, Holdyn absolutely loved it, pulling us through the entrance before we could even check in.


Braden always want to see what’s next, eager to move along the one-way path while I wanted to linger over the impressive layout a bit longer. You’ll find informative signs at the base of each life-size dinosaur, but the most fun observations are the ones kids will make themselves. Comparing the little T-rex he carried along side him to the huge dinosaurs standing about.


Venture through caves marked all over with different fossils as if you were traveling through portals to the next room. About halfway through the path for my favorite room — the virtual aquarium. Projected prehistoric sea creatures float across the walls and floor as if you were really swimming along with them. There were balls all over the room and children running about. After exploring and hearing "mama a water Dino" a million times in excitement, we saw someone toss a ball at the wall and the fish actually swam away! We had a blast tossing balls and placing our hands on the wall to scare schools of fish and watching them group back together.


Make sure you save some time for the all-ages interactive space at this immersive exhibit. Climb into a saddle atop a dinosaur’s back for a short ride ( available for $4 or $3 for VIP ticket holders). Braden and Holdyn had pure joy on their faces when we told them they could ride a "real" dinosaur!


We all loved the coloring table. There was plenty of space for everyone to join in on the fun. A wall was filled with multiple dinosaurs to chose from to color. We sat down and watched as they used the creativity and imagination to create their one of a kind dinosaurs. We scanned the QR code to watch their dinosaur drawing come to life on the big screen. It was an amazing experience to watch their art come to life stomping and flying about with other dinosaurs.


The kiddos loved the sensory bins where they could dig for fossils and compare them to photos on the wall. I created a to-go sensory bin that fits right into our bag for my little paleontologist to enjoy that experience and joy he felt where ever we go. Take a look here to purchase your own Dinosaur Sensory Bin!


A Virtual Reality experience (available as part of the VIP bundle or for $5 per person) allows you to play with the dinosaurs – velociraptor fetch, anyone? The headsets are a bit tricky to fit on young kids, so you’ll likely need to provide heavy assistance if your little one wants to join in.


Free Printable Dinosaur I-Spy Activity

Can you find all the dinosaurs
Download PDF • 509KB


More Information

When? October, 2022 to May, 2023

Hours? (Time Slots Available Every Half Hour)

Wednesday & Thursday: 10 A.m. - 6 P.m. (Last Entry)

Friday: 10 A.m. - 7 P.m. (Last Entry)

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 9 A.m. - 8 P.m. (Last Entry)

Duration? The Visit Will Take Approx. 45-75 Minutes

Location? Rhode Island Center, DC

Age Requirement? All Ages Are Welcome! Children Under 3 Do Not Need A Ticket To Attend

Prices? Tickets start at $20 per person (children 2 and under are free), with a VIP ticket priced at $28. A Family Bundle of 4 or more tickets starts at $17 per person.

Website? Dino's Alive DC


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