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Discover Endless Possibilities At The Children's Museum Of Atlanta, Georgia

The Children's Museum Of Atlanta is the perfect spot for your tots and up-to-middle-schoolers. Here they can engage in a wide variety of stimulating, educational and developmental activities that appeal to and entertain them the entire time. I even found myself going up and down the piano stairs a few times.

The Children's Museum lets your little ones be anyone they can put their imagination towards. Becoming fishers in the "Leaping Into Learning, Fishing Pond" as you cast your rod to catch colorful fish and sharks. Pretending to be chefs in "Fundamentally Food" as you choose vegetables and fruits from the farm, climb the tractor, milk a cow, load boxes on the delivery truck, and operate a forklift. Shop 'till you drop in the grocery store loaded with healthy food options, canned goods, produce, and refrigerated items. When you've got your ingredients, enjoy cooking a healthy pretend meal for the family in the play diner where there are menus and seating for plenty of parents. What about maybe being a builder in "Tools For Solutions" as you learn how to attach make-believe wires and connect pipes in the Construction House. Create skyscrapers and design the city of the future with city blocks.


Fundamentally Food

Start off your adventure on the farm! Pick vegetables and fruits for a healthy meal. Climb onto the John Deere tractor to search for the best. Milk some fresh milk from Buttercup, the adorable cow, and collect eggs in the new chicken coop.

Got your fresh ingredients? How does the food get from the farm to the grocery store? The delivery truck, of course! Let your kiddos “drive” the Museum delivery truck and use the conveyor belts to move important goods to and from the neighborhood grocery store.

Your kiddos will practice their math and coordination skills as they fill up their grocery carts, stock groceries on the shelves, use the cash register, work in the deli, and run their own grocery store filled with nutritious options. (Be sure to grab a shopping cart when you get the chance, we didn't see many of them. They do have shopping baskets too though) I love that the checkout station had everything you need! A cash register, a working belt to get the groceries to you, and shopping baskets of course!

The next step on our trip of fundamentally food is the cafe! Pretend play is front and center at the CMA Cafe. Children will love playing chef behind the grill, taking orders at the counter, creating menus of healthy food options, and ordering meals all on their own. Be sure to grab a seat and wait for your menu, if your little ones love serving you food just as much as Braden! He did such a great job at looking at what we wanted on the picture menu and matching it to the pretend food.

Recommend Ages 10 months to 8 years old.


Leaping Into Learning

Enter a magical forest, cast your rods, catch colorful fish, and go under our waterfall without getting wet! Climb in the tree house and see animals from the forest. Babies and toddlers will love the bubble wall, play car, and a little house built just for them.

In the toddler zone, your little ones will explore the world around them as they role play in a small house, drive the car, and learn early science skills by playing with the bubble and light interactive wall.

The next spot on our list is the fishing pond! If you can't tell this was definitely Braden's favorite! Once he found the sharks he couldn't help himself to catch every single one. Your little ones can catch magnetic fish and discover why some items float and others sink. I love that raincoats are provided, to avoid their cute little selves not being soaked the entire time!

In the tree house, the kiddos will create their own adventures as they climb around, featuring a puppet theatre space where imaginations take center stage. I loved the variety of puppets they have to offer. I can admit the show Braden put on was quietly a one-of-a-kind act haha.

Recommend Ages 0 to 5 years old.


As much as I'd love to add in all the fun adventures your little ones can have, you just have to take your own adventure and find out! With endless possibilities to explore and new exhibits happening all the time, you should definitely add this museum to your Destination List!

Download our imagination badges HERE! Can your little ones collect them all?


*** All photos are property of The Destination Family. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my non-biased opinion. Thank you Children's Museum Of Atlanta for inviting us! ***


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