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Does Your Home Feel Awkward? Add Function Without Compromising On Style

The way we design our homes says a lot about our personalities. Any and all decor choices show who we are and where we come from, and what we need out of life; for example, a family home is more likely to have darker paint on the wall to hide crayon stains! And if you’re someone who’s living in a home that feels a bit awkward to use and navigate through, this is an idea you should really invest in. You can make your home feel more functional without needing to do away with your innate style; here are a few tips on how.


The Layout is Everything

The layout of your home is the first thing to consider here. You want to create a comfortable and cozy-looking space that's inviting to anyone who walks into it, but you need to keep the traffic flow in mind as well. People need to be able to move easily throughout their rooms without bumping or slowing down. If a sofa is just a little too far to the left, for example, people will have to alter their speed!


Use Built-in Storage Techniques

Storage is always best when it’s built-in. If you can’t see it, you won’t have your room’s whole aesthetic ruined by a messy box or drawer! So take this idea to the max here. Where can you add some built-in storage units throughout your home? Under beds and under the stairs? Over the top of kitchen cabinets? With more bookcases that have plenty of stylish items on them to distract from the mass of spare cables, you seem to have? It can all work!


Replace Your Windows with More Durable Varieties

Durable windows will go a long way to making your home more functional (and comfortable!) if you live in an area that’s prone to storms and other extreme weather. For example, if you’re at home in a state where hurricanes can whip up on a frequent basis, having Hurricane Windows Shutters installed will go a long way to keeping your home functional throughout the year. Make sure you’ve got a nice pair of stylish curtains to hang over them and you’d never even notice they’ve been replaced.


Don’t Forget the Garden

The garden is a very good place to let your home spill into; if you can set up a covered patio with seating and a dining area, you won’t need to make as much space inside. You’ve got somewhere warm and dry to go outside as well, and that can make a very pleasing addition to a home. Set up some string lighting around the awning and start hosting more BBQs and parties out there - what could be more stylish and functional than that?

If your home feels awkward to use, you can change it however you please! You just need to be a little creative in the way your house functions, and that’s nowhere near as hard as it might first sound!


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