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Everything Is Awesome At Legoland In Orlando, FL

Growing up, I always loved Legos. Even in high school, I did my class projects out of Legos. My favorite being that I built the entire Amphitheatre for Theater class only using Legos without a kit. So what better way to get my son to begin to love them as much as I do, than going to Legoland in Orlando. Legos bring your imagination to life with just a few blocks.

From the moment you walk in, you are captivated by the large displays built solely from Legos. Imagining the hours that had to be put into the artwork is mind-blowing. Characters from the Lego Movie are taller than I am and a waterpark with blocks that really float.


What is Legoland?

Legoland is a place where kids rule, imagination is key and dreams come to life! It's where princesses, knights, and adventurers roam. Where dragons soar, castles are stormed, and pirates sail the seven seas. Truly the ultimate multi-day vacation destination for families with over 50 rides, shows, and attractions at the Theme Park, 14 water slides in the Water Park, 3 unique themed Hotels, and so much more! One day is not enough to explore all the adventures worth seeking.

Legoland is recommended for ages 2-12 but, my whole family enjoyed their trip. From Braden being 23 months old to age 50, we all had something to love!


The Beginning

Entering the park, you walk down ”The beginning” Be sure to check out the factory. Scan your hand to find your lego match. It was pretty silly but, a unique experience. We all had to find out who we were all matched to!

Rebuild The World is a new immersive build experience that encourages children and their parents to unleash their imaginations by building, unbuilding, and rebuilding the world of their dreams with, of course, lego bricks. Anything is possible and that is exactly what you're teaching your little ones to believe in. Build pigs that can fly or an alien ship taking a cow. Let your imagination run wild and leave your mark on the world one brick at a time!


Fun Town

The Double-decker carousel was one of kind just on its own. Don't saddle up on a normal horse, go around and around on your own lego horse friend. Definitely, a must-ride while you wait for your delicious warm Granny Smith apple fries, dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Served with a sweet

whipped cream dipping sauce!

Get Ready and #DotYourWorld! Experience the creative possibilities of Lego dots. Use bold and colorful tiles to create your masterpiece and add your unique design to the gallery wall where your creativity will be put on display.


Duplo Valley

Do your little ones need a cooldown? We sure did! Duplo Splash & Play is a refreshing play area filled with larger-than-life Duplo blocks and farm animals. I loved the gentle spouts of water, interactive water elements, and soft deck. I felt really safe sitting back and letting Braden splash around.

Of course, Braden didn't want to leave. Together you can become a farmer. Climb aboard the tractor and take a trip around the farm. We loved that the interactive buttons were big enough for little hands to find and had fun making the animal sounds back at the lego friends. Choo choo! That's not at all. Take a train ride to the countryside through the farm, fishing pond, campground, and more!

And don't forget..... Duplo Tot Spot. This baby-safe play area includes a slide and safe surfaces for even the littlest ones.


Lego Friends

Heartlake City is where you can find all your Lego Friends!

Come along and meet your favorite Lego Friends. Step on the interactive icons surrounding a heart-shaped fountain and watch as lego brick instruments come to life in an interactive music experience!

Do you see the horses? Then saddle up on your favorite and join Mia on a riding adventure that can only be an adventure with your Lego Friends.


Mini land

Where else can you see the world from coast to coast all in one spot? 32 million lego bricks come together to create a spectacular view. (Yes this was my favorite!) There were signs placed around for you to try to find different landmarks. I can’t imagine how long it takes to build each building. Can you spot the Statue of Liberty below?


Lego Technic

Aquazone Wave Racers for guests 40 inches and up is the perfect ride for a quick cool down from the Flordia heat. Race through waves and watch out as water blasts at your boat.

Technicycle lets you show off your pedal power in this high-flying ride that you can control if you are 36 inches or taller! Watch how pedaling faster takes you higher, or just relax and glide closer to the ground.

Are you ready for a ride where laws of physics and aerodynamics only loosely apply? Well brick fans, step right up and start your engines. The Great Lego Race puts you in the center of an action-packed road rally as you race across the tracks.

While you wait for the big kids to enjoy the rides. Slide, climb and build! Even the smallest guests can take control in this shaded play area just for them at the Technic Tot Spot. I thought this area was so cute with the yellow construction truck and workers.


Lego City

A city where dreams come to life. Beep Beep! Conquer the rules of the road while pretending to be any driver you can think of in LEGO City! Showcase you've passed your driving test at the Driving

School Store with a personalized LEGOLAND Driver’s License and head for the open road. Do you have itty bitty ones? Don’t worry there is a Junior Driving school too! Perfect for the littles.

If you can dream it you can build it. All aboard, you're the captain. Climb aboard boats and test your navigation skills at the boating school.

Braden loves firetrucks! Step up and try your firefighting skills at NFPA Rescue Academy. Believe me, this is a workout. Push the bar up and down to get your truck to the fire. Hurry get out you have a fire to put out. Race against the clock to put the fire out and get back to the station. I definitely recommend 4 people on this one.

If that wasn't enough fly into the sky at the Flying school! On this suspended coaster you take flight through the clouds if your'e 44 inches or taller of course. I love that there are rides for the kiddos big or small!


Ninjago World

It takes great skill, dedication, and fearlessness to become one of the chosen ones. Not everyone can harness an elemental power and become a master of fire, water, earth, or air. If one wants to become a ninja, one must train where the original ninja trained. Only here can you reach your full potential. Test your mind, agility, and endurance on Cole's Rock Climb. Build up your reflexes against lightning strikes and control your balance on Kai's Spinners. Master your Lego building skills by building the Ninjago Monastery. After your training is complete climb into Ninjago The Ride. Blast animated fireballs, lightning, and more at the villains before teaming up to defeat a powerful foe and become the ultimate Ninjago warrior.


Cypress Gardens

There is a breathtaking, historic Cypress Garden Botanical Garden located right inside the park. The gardens are a beautiful masterpiece with exotic plants from all over the world such as over 30 kinds of palms, 10 varieties of banana trees, and more. They keep everything in pristine condition. The gardens are also home to a giant Banyan tree that was planted as a seedling in 1939. It really is a sight to see!


Land Of Adventure

RAWR! Dinosaurs ahead! Buckle up for a jungle ride rushing past life-sized lego dinosaurs with dips and curves. This wooden coaster is a real adventure for your taller kiddos who are 42 inches and up.

Our favorite ride in this area was Safari Trek. Lions, tigers, elephants, oh my! Hop on your jeep for an adventure through the safari. It was slow-moving which is a perfect ride along with your littles. The animals were HUGE! How many Legos do you think it takes to build a life-size elephant?


Lego Kingdoms

Youngsters can immerse themselves into a fairytale on Royal Joust. As they take a ride on their very own lego horse through a medieval forest, they'll experience other jousting knights and enchanted creatures along the way.

Climb aboard Merlin's Challenge and buckle up for a mysterious wooden train ride powered by magic. Spinning around you become enhanced by the medieval spell as the train moves up and down over the tracks. A perfect mysterious first time roller coaster for your wizards in training.

Have you not heard enough about all the fun? Well, have a roaring good time as you conquer the twists and turns of this indoor/outdoor steel roller coaster. Feel the breath of the dragon on your face while exploring life within the enchanted LEGOLAND Florida Resort castle and then shoot out, soaring into the sky as you ride The Dragon.

Toddlers are too royally small for these knightly rides but are able to creep into Forestmen's Hideout. Kiddos can climb up, crawl through, slide down, cross over and swing around on ropes, ladders and tunnels.


Lego Movie World

Blast off on an out-of-this-world adventure on Benny's Play Ship. Prepare for take-off, help Benny get the ship ready and take a turn down the twisty, turning bright yellow slide! This was a never seen before play house. Sun beaming in my eyes trying to see the top. I wish Benny would land in our backyard. I know my jokes our galaxies of fun.

I know there so much fun happening everywhere but we need your help! Protect Bricksburg and spray down the evil Duplo alien invaders on the Battle Of Bricksburg water ride. What a wild adventure!

Hop aboard Emmet’s triple decker flying couch! Yes, the couch we all fell in love with in the Lego Movies! Masters Of Flight is a flying theater attraction that whisks you away on an action-packed adventure on a suspended ride with a full-dome virtual screen, giving the sensational feeling of flying alongside some familiar and some new faces from the Lego Movies. The one-of-a-kind experience is the first attraction at a major theme park in the United States that embeds a 180-degree turn in the ride experience.

Enter through the rainbow portal to join the fun with Unikitty and her many personalities. Drop, dip and swoop to the tiptop of Cloud Cuckoo Land, then spins and bounces back down to earth - it's an AWESOME thrilling and fun experience full of positivity and rainbows on Unikitty's Disco Drop!


What will you build in a park filled with imagination?


*** All photos are property of The Destination Family. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my non biased opinion. Thank you Legoland for inviting us! ***


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