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Expert Tips to Care for Your Family SUV

Proper care for your family SUV can make a big difference. Cars like the Volvo XC40 offer a great balance of flexibility, safety, and practicality. Here’s how you can take better care of yours.

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First, Drive How You Were Taught

The more you drive, the more habits you develop. Some are good and can help. But others are bad. Bad driving habits, like speeding over potholes, can cause damage, such as cracked glass, to the point of needing a windshield replacement. Others, such as holding the gear stick, can cause wear to the gearbox. And some driving habits can become deadly. For example, it isn’t uncommon to see drivers, even experienced ones, failing to signal when turning at speed.


Don’t Overload Your SUV

SUVs are tough mudders. But they still have limits. And some of these limits relate to weight. Of course, a typical family SUV can take much more weight than a compact car. However, more weight in any car means more pressure throughout. You will feel it in your gear changes, there’s added pressure on the tires, and the center of gravity can be thrown off. Then, of course, there’s the economic factor. More weight in your SUV means you use much more than if it were empty.


Care for Your Family SUV by Keeping it Clean

Cars, in general, are expensive machines. And even though they can cost a lot of money, many people don’t take care of the basics. One survey conducted in the United States found that less than 70% of drivers have their car cleaned the recommended once per month. A clean car makes for a better family trip and helps your SUV run better and smoother by removing anything that can cause blockages. Internally, hygiene will help prevent nasty things like mold.


Pay Close Attention to the Tires

One of the most overlooked yet most important parts of your SUV is the tires. An SUV often has larger and bulkier tires than a standard car. And the extra weight means more maintenance. Sport grip tires are recommended for SUVs to deal with the extra weight and soften suspension. You should check your tire tread often. But tires should last for a maximum of 20,000 miles or around 10 years from typical use. And front tires can wear quicker because of the turning.


Book a Regular Service

Of course, the best way to keep the health of your SUV up is by booking regular servicing at your local garage. Mechanics are experts at checking cars and spot the early signs of something going wrong. They can offer advice while you are there and will often recommend preventative work for a safer and longer-lasting vehicle. Once per year is recommended by most experts. Or you should book a service for every 15,000 miles you drive your SUV.

You should care for your family SUV to get the most out of it and make your money go further. You must drive properly, keep it as clean as possible and book a service at least once per year.


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