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Explore The World At Wieck Community Playground

Wieck Playground is located in Leonardtown, Maryland. It's the brand new, upgraded edition of Robert Miedzinski Park. I know I love wooden parks, the look, the feel, the memories. They kept the same feeling and created something new. You still have that wooden look built-in with the favorite things we love seeing at parks.


Adventure playground filled with many creative stories and hands-on activities to choose from perfect for everyone.


Handicap Accessible with handicap friendly swings, ramps, and pathways.


Hands-on and musical activities.


Hill climbing with a slide down.


Mommy and me swing.


One-of-a-kind, three-story climbing treehouse


Multiperson zipline.


Seating in stadium-style in the middle of the park perfect for parents to keep an eye on little ones.


Lots of naturally shaded areas and new fencing for security.


More Information


Where? 23145 Leonard Hall Drive in Leonardtown


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