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Going Wild About The Erie Zoo!

Zoos are great and exciting places for all ages. It is a fun way to teach children about the importance of taking care of the environment because, it has such a big impact on our lives and the animals. The wild life is decreasing so much recently and the world is losing animals that we care about. Together we can protect our wildlife and nature around us. Zoos are always different depending on which one you go, so finding different Zoos to go to is always a great adventure and a learning experience made fun.

The Erie Zoo is a small but, exciting Zoo filled with lots of wildlife that many Zoos don't have. It is a great place to visit because, of how many hand on activities there are to enjoy. From feeding a goat some hay to petting a miniature horse to jumping with a kangaroo or having butterflies land on you. Watching children look at the animals and see the amazement and the love for the animals will warm your hearts. They also have interactive games, which makes it easy to teach your children that learning can be fun. If you were deciding on a day trip make a Zoo day at the top of your list.

This Zoo has a lot of different experiences and encounters to match your families schedule, ages, and budgets. Weather you chose to just visit the Zoo or walk around the Botanical Gardens, you're going to have an adventure going for you. The Zoo has a lot of activities to do like visiting over 400 animals representing over 100 species, walking around the 11 different gardens, riding a train around the park into a safari area and over a dam, riding on the wildlife carousel, walking through animal trails and the butterfly garden, splash in the adventure garden, watching shows, meeting penguins and doing hands on activities at the children's area. There is also a unique playground included with a whole lot more hands on activities. For the past 50 years they have a parade every year.

Have you ever watched a penny be smashed? Well don't forget to get yours. The zoo is filled with different penny designs to chose from. It is fifty cents and one penny to get yours at any of the three machines. I promise you and your kids will love it. I collect them all so, I was very happy and the boys loved to spin the handle for me and watch as the machine smashed it.

There are tons of adventures to chose from that will leave your family smiling. The zoo is small in size but, with tons to do and each step of the way there is a universal learning style with hands on activities. From learning about history and animals to making food in a play kitchen or jumping on bells to make a song. Your little ones will be learning and growing just by having fun!


Zoo Information

Address; 423 West 38th Street, Erie, PA 16508

Hours; Open Daily from 10am to 5pm March thro November

The zoo varies through out the year for exact times and opening days follow the link

Admission prices;

Adults: $9.00

Seniors (62 & above): $7.00

Children (2-12): $5.00

23 months and under: free

Train ride; $3

Carousel; $3



*** All photo's are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my nonbiased opinion. ***



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