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The Sunflower Paradise, Goldpetal Farms - 2019

I have been living in St. Mary's for years now and I have never been to Goldpetal Farms before last week. They open June 16th through July. As soon as I got there I was thinking to myself, how come I have never been here before? When you arrive, you head to the barn where you are greeted and handed a map for the maze. Everyone was incredibly nice and very helpful. The sunflowers lit up my eyes. I love sunflowers and I could not believe how many there were going to be. My favorite activity in Autumn have to be all the corn mazes and this has to be even better! Did you know that Goldpetal Farms is the only living maze in St. Marys. They even feature two different mazes for twice the fun. I got to visit Chaptico's maze and I'm excited to make my way to Morganza's.

Through out the maze you are sure to find many hidden gems flying around like lady bugs and butterflies. As your making your way through they set out little check points giving you amazing facts about different paintings and space. I was very quite impressed of how great the sunflower maze was. There are also checkpoints located through out the sunflowers that include a map and an airhorn for if you get lost, someone can come find you.

When you make your way back to the barn, you will find so many more activities that are included with admission. Find your self enjoying photo opportunities, life sized memory games, corn hole, painting, and even chalk drawing. The thing I found more amazing then the maze was the flower picking garden. You can run around and search for the perfect flowers to take home. In the barn you can ask for clippers and buckets to gently pick your sunflowers or zinnias. When you get home make sure you give them fresh water in a vase and plenty of sunlight to remember your time at Goldpetal Farms.


Tips For Having The Perfect Day

- wear closed toes shoes to protect your feet from dirt in the maze.

- Make sure to bring sunglasses or a sun hat to protect your eyes from the bright sun.

- I went around 7pm and it seemed to be around the perfect time to go. The weather cools down as the sunsets and you will have perfect lighting for all the photo opportunities that you will run into.

- The maze is wide enough for strollers if you need one for your little ones

- Check the weather before heading to the maze to make sure its not too hot or humid

- There are plenty of bees flying around but, they did not bother me one bit. As long as you don't bother them then they should not bother you.



Location - Chaptico's Maze: 37260 Manor Rd

Morganza's Maze: 25120 Colton Point Rd

Date - June 16 through July.

Tuesday through Sunday.

Time - 10am to 8:30pm

Prices - 7 and up $10

Kids 6 and under are free

Flower picking prices - $1 for sunflowers and $0.50 for zinnias


*** Britt's Creative Crafts was not paid to promote Goldpetal Farms. I enjoy traveling around, sharing information and my unbiased opinion for families to enjoy! ***



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