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Growing Flavor Palates For Your Little One With Fruits & Veggies, Fresh Bellies

Fresh bellies have a variety of different flavors to encourage your little ones to explore for food groups. He loves the strawberries one over any other sweets. The flavor is bold helping to form Braden's palate. It's a relief to know growing palates at a young age will promote your child not to be a picky eater when he is older.

Healthy snacks are essential at my house, and Fresh Bellies gave me peace of mind for Braden. Their snacks are Non-GMO verified and Kosher certified. I feel comfortable knowing he is eating fruit and veggies without any added sugars.


Why Fresh Bellies?

Children learn and grow by seeing what is around them. Hiding fruits and vegetables away from your little one's meals teaches them that they don't need a nutritious diet. We need to show the children that eating healthy is fun to lead them to the path of healthy and adventurous eating.

Fresh Bellies adds herbs and spices to their fruits and veggies. They are not trying to hide the way any of the foods taste but, to grow your child palates. Showing your littles variety of flavors even with the earliest bite, you are teaching them to not be picky eaters later in life.


Toddler Snack Pack Flavors

- Strawberry Feels Forever: balsamic, coconut oil, and strawberries.

- Gimme The Beet: thymes, coconut oil, and beets.

- Keep Calm & Cardamom: apples, coconut oil, and cardamom

- Two To Mango: basil, coconut oil, and mango.

- Pepperlicious: roasted red peppers, sunflower oil, and sea salt.


*** Thank you Fresh Bellies for sending us these snack packs to review. All of our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. ***



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