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Heart-Shaped Bird Feeders DIY

It is Braden's first valentine's Day. I wanted to show him all the greatness in the world. What would be more perfect than to show him nature and the birds? This bird feeder will make your little one's heart grow, watching birds enjoy a nice treat, fluttering in the cool crisp air.

These are so simple to make and will help develop your child's motor skills. Fine motor skills are so important to work on and develop. These skills help develop those muscles of hand-eye coordination. This is very important for functions for grasping small objects, being able to write, zipping their jackets, and more. Braden just learned the grasp puffs which is a big achievement to start self-feeding.


Materials Needed


Cheerios - we used very berry cheerios since they were pink. You can also use fruit loops as a substitute.

Pipe cleaners



How To Make


1. Have your little one thread the cheerios onto the pipe cleaner. Leave space on each end. You can move them around in the end.

2. Twist the ends together.

3. Shape your pipe cleaner into a heart.

4. Move around the cheerios to make the heart look full.

5. Tie on your ribbon.

6. Hang your bird feeders outside. We hung ours near the window to watch the birds from inside.


*** All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. Please tag us in a photo with your bird feeders! ***



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