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Hey Mom, I'm The Chef Too!

"I'm The Chef Too" sent us over the creative kitchen kit and we were beyond excited. Lately just sitting around the house not being able to leave without risking our family's safety is getting kind of boring. You probably watched Frozen on repeat and can sing every song by heart. Kids are forced to be taught through a computer screen. That's why getting away from the screen and into the kitchen, get's them using their brain in a more productive way.

This kit was absolutely perfect. The kit included three recipe cards. They were easy to understand and read. On the back of each card was a fun interactive activity to do. There was a variety of dry ingredients pre-measured in cute little containers and labeled. I'm not the best decorated but the treats were delicious. It was exciting to make fun treats with my family. I recommend this for any family or a couple who'd like to have a fun bake-off.


What Are "I'm The Chef Too" Cooking Kits?


"They are educational cooking kits to keep children reading, thinking, and learning during the self-quarantine. Each edible adventure includes a cross-curricular series of educational concepts that are infused into our recipes, making learning fun, engaging, and tasty out of the comfort of your home. Who knew learning could be so delicious?"


Are There Different Kits To Choose From?


Yes, there are four edible adventures waiting just for you to explore, inspire, question, create, and invent as you enter the world of cooking. Grab your apron and chef hat because you are about to become your very own chef!

Kitchen Adventures: Cupcake Geodes Canvas Cookies w/ Edible Paint Rainbow Bagels

Hogwarts School of Culinary Magic Butterbeer Cupcakes Mandrake Terrariums Exploding Bon Bons

The Creative Kitchen S’more Poptarts Oreo Sprinkle Cakes Silly Guy Cookie Pies

The Playful Chef Teddy Bear Bread Tiger Cakes Rainbow Pancakes


Why Should You Cook With Your Kids?


Cooking is one of the most enjoyable and interactive activities that you can do with your children. I grew up with a mom that always enjoyed the feeling of just being in a kitchen. She grew up making cakes and winning blue ribbons at the fair. Our mom has taught us how to cook at a young age so, we practically grew up in the kitchen. Now we all take turns on who is serving dinner. These are just a few advantages that you will come across.

- Cooking builds lifelong skills that will further as they grow. Learning measurements and quantities is an important skill that can be learned through cooking. Measuring ingredients assists in teaching fractions and different math skills. Build strong reading and comprehension skills by taking the steps to read ingredients and instructions.

- Every dish that you and your little one create will boost their self-esteem by being proud of what they can accomplish with a little help.

- If you have a picky eater like me, it's challenging because they either dislike a lot of food or they never want to try anything new. You want to make sure that they are always having a nutritious meal to enjoy. Making something together will excite them into trying something new and hopefully will become their new favorite dish.


*** Thank you "I'm A Chef Too" for sending us our own interactive educational baking kit. All of Britt's Creative Crafts reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. """



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