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Instant Pot Stuffed Pepper Recipe

If you want a meal that’s flavorsome, nutritious, and family-friendly for the coming year, you should consider instant pot stuffed peppers. This meal is perfect for formal and informal occasions. It looks the part at the dinner table when you have special guests, but it’s also ideal as a quick lunch for your family. Find out how to make stuffed peppers in the recipe.


Instant Pot Ingredients

Instant pot stuffed peppers are perfect for lunch or dinner; they are also very nutritious and great for your family's health. Instant pot peppers are also very simple, but you will require some ingredients first. The first thing you need is some large stuffed peppers to use.

Along with large bell peppers, you will need some lean ground beef for the filling, some onions, garlic, herbs, and green chili. Don’t forget to buy salt, pepper, tomato paste, and white rice. Fresh parsley is also used sometimes for garnish. But that’s it; that is all you need to start.


Step-by-step Instructions

- Stuff the Peppers

To make pot-stuffed peppers, you need to start by slicing the bell peppers at the top below the stem and taking out the stem and seeds from inside the pepper. This will serve as a container for the filling. Next, you must make the filling by mixing the mince and the herbs.

Put the minced meat in a separate bowl and add the salt, pepper, and herbs to the mixture. Mix it around with a spoon until everything is even. Next, add the tomato paste, chillis, and diced tomatoes to the mixture, and again, mix everything up so that you have an even pepper filling.

- Pressure Cook Peppers

Once you have filled the hollowed-out bell peppers with the meaty filling, it is time to cook them in the instant pot cooker. Put a rack in the instant pot cooker and a cup of water in the machine. Place peppers on the rack and cook for around 10 minutes on pressure mode or manual mode.

If you get the timing right, your stuffed peppers should be soft on the outside and cooked through in the center. If you need a quality recipe or assistance, learn how to cook stuffed peppers in an instant pot. Stuffed peppers are amazing to serve and amazingly simple to make.


Instant Pot Recipe Tips

Although instant pot stuffed peppers are pretty easy to make, there are a few things to watch. Make sure the meat you place in the pepper is raw before cooking; using pre-cooked meat results in tough meat that’s harder to eat. However, the rice needs to be cooked beforehand.

Rice needs longer than 10 minutes to cook and become soft, so you will need to pre-cook the rice before placing it in the pepper and putting it in the oven. If you want some additional flavor, feel free to sprinkle some cheese on top and let it melt on the filling.


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