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Keep An Eye On Your Little Ones With Babysense Video Monitors

After having a baby, getting in all those snuggles with their tiny little hands. They get to the point where they move into their own room without co-sleeping or their bassinet close to your bed. Believe me, it's scary especially as a first-time mom. I search, read reviews until I found Babysence.

They have high-resolution baby monitors to be able to keep an eye on my son. From slim models to bigger screens, you can watch your baby bug from anywhere in the house. If you want to feel extra secure they have breathing monitors to lower the risk of SIDS.


What Is Babysense?

Babysense is a leader in the field of health monitoring and protection of infants. Operaterating and developing medical device equipment and video monitors according to the highest international quality standards. The core focus is the parents’ peace of mind and babies’ safety. Therefore continuously research and use the most advanced technological means available. Babysense products are based on proven and reliable technology, which helps protect millions of babies worldwide.


Baby Monitor Review

I received the HD Video Baby Monitor, 2 Cameras, V65. Inside my pretty little box, I received two 720P HD cameras providing a crystal clear view of your baby and a high Resolution 5" LCD Display to watch my baby while I move around the house. Even in the dark with auto Infrared Night Vision. I was super happy that my package came with cords, cubes for each one, and mounting clips.

I fell in love with all the features involved in the display. Connecting up to four cameras is easy with just a click of a button on the latest 2.4GHz Closed Loop Technology for Hack-Proof connection. easily control tilt & zoom for your control and convenience. Two-way Talk & Lullabies was the perfect feature to soothe your baby with your voice or up to 5 different lullabies. Temperature alert monitors if it is too hot or cold for your little one. Especially new moms will love the bottle timer. It is easily set to 2.5 hours up until 5.5 hours to alert you when it's time for a bottle with a click of a button.

Know when you are needed and extend the battery life with the Sleep Mode and ECO Mode functionality, Your monitor will go into standby and reactivate when a noise is detected above the selected sensitivity level.


If I were going to recommend any camera, it would have to be this one. I love all the features it includes programmed with. They make life so much easier, especially with an infant. I hate scrambling through devices to have an alarm for bottle feedings, something to play lullabies, and a camera to watch Braden. This is easy and convenient for mommy's on the go.

I know I want more baby love in my life in the future. Many of you have a bunch of munchkins'. Having a monitor that connects four cameras making it easy to switch between each one. I think it was the best idea to set one of mine in the playroom. Now I can make snacks without trying to occupy Braden in the Kitchen.

As parents, we are always on the go. We need a baby monitor to keep up with us. Babysense is our answer. Try it out for yourself with free expedited 2-day shipping.


*** Thank you Babysense for sending us our baby monitor to review. All of our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. Photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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