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Keep Up Good Oral Care For Your Baby With Nuby!

Braden has finally got his first tooth!

The doctor told us that he has five coming in at once and teething has been so difficult. Luckily Nuby was our savior with all their unique teething toys and soothers that met my little ones needs. All of our favorite teethers have been made into a review just for you to read. I only want the best for my son so I only want to share the best of the best with you.


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Nuby once again thought of everything. Introducing the Oral Care Set for all four stages of your baby's teeth. Everyone hopes their kiddos keep up with good dental hygine throughout thier life but, now you can promote brushing your teeth with early development. Help your child protect their primary teeth with these BPA free brushes. Each brush sits on a cute stand to keep each one away from germs from sitting on the counter and made to fit yor childs hands to get them on the right path.

Silicone Massager - Made for babies under 3 months. Extra soft silicone with hollow body for you to slip your finger in. There are three different surfaces used to massage and clean your baby gums.

Massaging Brush 1 - Made for babies that are 3+ months. This brush allows you to brush and massage your babys gums gently.

Massaging Brush 2 - Made for babies that are 11+ months. Brush and massage your baby's gums and teeth during the teething process. This is also the ideal age to start your child on early brushing habits.

Nylon Bristle Brush - Made for your baby with teeth. You can ask their doctor when to switch brushes. Be sure to follow up with additional brushing while your child is still getting the feel on how to brush.

Braden has been struggling with teething. His primary care docotor mentioned to us that he has five teeth coming in. A couple weeks later we had our first tooth! That means its time to get brushing so his little tooth can stay healthy and clean. Teething means they want everything to go in their mouth so we need to make sure we clean out all those germs. With Nuby's Oral Care Set we have everything we need all in one place.


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*** Britt's Creative Crafts has partnered with Nuby as a Nuby Parent Blogger. We recieve free products to review. All of our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. ***



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