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Kings Dominion's, Grand Carnivale - 2019

I had the chance to visit Kings Dominion last weekend and see all the excitement about the Grand Carnivale. This event is taking place at Kings Dominion everyday during June 15th through July 7th, 2019 starting at 5pm. You will get to see, taste, and experience cultures from all around the world including China, France, Germany, Italy, and India. This fun festival has something that everyone can enjoy. There are crafts, games, fantastic food, drinks, live music, and an outstanding parade the lights up your night. There are even street performers that you can dance with and take pictures with to remember your fantastic time spent here. Take part in this astonishing and dazzling experience before it's too late. I know that I loved it!


My favorite part had to be the Spectacle of Color interactive light parade. This begins at 8pm and you can gather around and see huge, glowing floats that will have your eyes light up in excitement. The parade comes to an end at the festival area that is located around the Eiffel Tower, then get ready to experience the street party. This night-time event lets you dance to live music and get to meet some of the dazzling street performers. Don't miss out on this party at Kings Dominion this summer!



Location - Kings Dominion:

Date - June 15th through July 7th

Time - After 5pm to close

Prices - Daily admission is as low as $39.99, be sure to check the website for special events like everyone pays kids price! And be sure to check out the free Pre - K pass for ages 3-5

Grand Carnivale Food Card $30 - This allows you to get 6 food tastings from any of the Grand Carnivale food and drink booths.


*** Britt's Creative Crafts was not paid to promote Kings Dominion. I enjoy sharing information and my unbiased opinion for everyone to enjoy!***



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