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Ladybug Rocks

Painting rocks is the new trend going on everywhere. People are painting rocks and hiding them as the kindness project. Think about how happy you would be just walking through a park and find a painted rock with an inspirational phrase or beautiful art. This ladybug rock is so easy and cute. You can chose to hide them or have cute little ladybugs surrounding your garden or how about a paperweight for mom or dad's desk. If you never painted rocks before make sure you check out my Rock Painting 101 article and post your pictures on our Facebook page: @thetravelingrocks2k17. You can also like my rock account on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Materials Needed:


Acrylic paint

Paint brush

Mod Podge



How To Paint:

  1. Pick your rock

  2. Lay down newspaper to protect your surface

  3. Paint the whole rock the color of your choice

  4. Paint the tip of the rock black for the face

  5. Add small black circles across the rest of the rock

  6. Paint two small white circles on top of the black

  7. Add two smaller black circles on top of the white

  8. If you are going to hide make sure to add @thetravelingrocks2k17 on the back

  9. Add a thin layer of mod podge

  10. Enjoy your new ladybug friend!


*** All photo's are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. ***



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