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Falltastic Crafts!

Fall is here and the leaves are changing colors. I am so exited. Fall is my favorite time of year. You get to drink pumpkin spice coffee and wear fluffy socks. There is apple picking and pumpkin carving. With all that fun don't forget about crafts. Here are some fall themed crafts to get you into the Autumn spirit like I am! After you make these wonderful crafts be sure to share your pictures on my Facebook page. I hope you all have a falltastic time with these crafts! Be sure to keep checking up for more articles filled with fun things to do!


Tissue Paper Leaf Sun Catchers

Materials Needed -

  • Black Marker

  • Tissue Paper

  • Scissors

  • Laminating paper

How To Make -

  1. Draw a leaf onto the laminating sheet

  2. Peal off the laminating sheet

  3. Stick on your cut up tissue paper

  4. Peal off another laminating sheet

  5. Stick it on to the leaves

  6. Flatten out and cut out the leaves

  7. Hang up on your door or windows for everyone to see!


Scarecrow Flower Pot

Materials Needed -

  • Flower pot

  • Paint brush

  • Paint: white, orange, black, yellow, and green

How To Make -

  1. Paint the bottom half of the flower pot white

  2. Paint the top half orange

  3. Add a small orange triangle for a nose

  4. Add two black eyes

  5. Make a big smile with little slashes (lines)

  6. Add freckles

  7. On the orange make a small flower on the side

  8. Enjoy your flower pot and get ready to grow whatever you decide. I think I'm going to plant pumpkins!


Falling Leaves Sensory Snow Globe

Materials Needed -

  • Mason Jar

  • Water

  • A Small Stick

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Leaf Confetti

  • Red Glitter

How To Make -

  1. Find a stick outside to fit into your mason jar

  2. Use hot glue to glue the stick to the lid of your jar

  3. Fill with water, confetti, and glitter

  4. Screw lid on light and hot glue shut

  5. Shake up your snow globe to watch all your leaves float to the bottom!


*** All photo's are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. We were not paid to write this article. All information is based on my nonbiased opinion. ***



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