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Let Your Imagination Fly Around At Bird Kingdom

Bird Kingdom was absolutely amazing! They are the world's largest free-flying indoor aviary. Birds were always flying all around us, which is something everyone should experience. Our family is always going to explore new places especially aquariums and zoos. It's nice to go somewhere to see wildlife not locked behind cages. We explored the pathways of the rainforest to bring you this review from Britt's Creative Crafts.


Grab your tickets because it is time for the journey of a lifetime. You start your adventure in the Old Museum on the second floor. Learn about the Niagara Falls from way back when. Did you know people used to roll down Niagara Falls in a barrel and that some people actually lived?


Following the tracks on the ground next leads us to the Animal Encounters. Put your brave face on. This is where you can touch and hold exotic birds, animals, and reptiles from around the world. We got our picture taken with the exotic birds that we were able to purchase in the gift shop at the end of our tour.


We spent most of our time upstairs in the Small Bird Aviary. My sister, Alyssa was very determined to catch a bird. This is home to over 40 species of birds. Some of these birds are endangered and rescued. Many of the birds had tiny twigs they were using to build their nest. My favorite bird was Zebra Finch. That bird is very tiny with a bright orange beak. Can you find it in the pictures below?


Lights off these animals are sleeping. Nocturnal species are not like you or me. They are more like vampires we see in movies. They sleep during the day so that they can be awake at night. The Night Jungle is where you will find the homes of bats, owls, and many non-flying creatures.


To the jungle, we go. We make our way to the 50,000 square foot multi-level rainforest. The Main Aviary is home to 400 birds and nearly 80 species from around the world. My favorite activity the entire day happens to be in this section. The Lorikeet Landing allows you to play and feed playful birds nectar. This unforgettable experience is part of your admission. We loved it so much we went back in for a second time. It was so funny that the bird flew onto Alyssa's head. You can pick up your professional keepsake photo in the gift shop. Don't forget to check out the Ancient Javanese House from the 1800s.


Last but, not least the gift shop! Take home one of your favorite animals. Braden got to take home his own penguin stuffed animal. I picked up a Mama Bear mug. We love all of the souvenirs that we got to make ours to remember this amazing experience.


More Information

Where? 5651 River Road, Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 7M7

When? Open year-round. Allow at least an hour to explore.

Prices? Find all prices on their website


Website? Click the photo below


*** Britt's Creative Crafts did receive complimentary tickets to review Bird Kingdom. Thank you for letting us experience this journey for ourselves to share with all of you. Our opinion is always based on our non-biased opinion. All photos are property of Britt's Creative Crafts. Check out our media kit for your review. ***


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