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Make Your Outdoor Area Aesthetically Pleasing With Quntis Hanging Lights

Looking to add more ambiance to your patio or backyard? Meet Quntis, with bistro-style shatterproof LED patio hanging lights that will turn your yard into the neighborhood hang-out spot. With stunning outdoor led string lights, you can create a vintage bistro-inspired setting right in your own backyard for those summer nights to remember. Use code Q833QSV2 for 15% off.


What's Included?

A total length of 101FT of string lights with 30 S14 bulbs (including 2 spares). Each E26 socket has built-in hanging rings, and you can use the 32 bundles of ties that we included to hang the string lights for the patio easily. In addition, come with an extra 5ft extension cord that allows you to connect up to 12 string lights end to end more flexibly. Giving you full play to your creativity and these led patio lights will give your outdoor space a lovely glow!


Becoming A Pinterest Mom

I always wish to be one of those Pinterest moms with the cozy porch drinking their morning tea. Quntis made this possible with energy-saving and dimmable string bulb lights. I hung up the lights with some easy to screw in hooks and looped them around each hook. It was as simple as 1 2 3. Add a little bit of fun decor and ta-da, you have a cozy aesthetically pleasing porch.


*** Thank you Quntis for sending us lights to review and make the porch more in style than ever before. All of our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. Contains affiliate links. ***


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