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Making Summertime Memories With Your Littles

Summertime is what almost every child wishes for. School is out. Vacations are being planned. Sunshine beaming down onto your skin. That sweet summer heat and BBQ cookouts are in the air.

It's the best time to create summer memories with your child that will last a lifetime. No matter who you are, or where you're from. The most simple activities together as a family will be the most remembered.


Creating Art Masterpieces

Art is a fun and creative activity that you can find anywhere you look. Opening your eyes to new

horizons. Deciding on a project may be the trickiest part. Do you want to get your hands messy? Do you want to include nature? Making art is about getting to create something unique as a family and making it playful.

Spreading kindness is a perfect way to share your art with the World. Across the globe people are painting rocks as a new kindness act, The concept is very easy. You paint a rock, you hide a rock, you find a rock, and then you can choose to keep the rock and plant 3 more or rehide the rock. Add @Creativerockfinds to the back of each stone and watch your rock travel state to state on our Facebook group. My family and I paint and hide rocks everywhere we go.


Collect seashells

Seashell collecting is a budget-friendly beach activity that allows you to explore the shore with your little ones. Sticking the wee toes in the sand feeling new texture. Feeling the water flow over their hands. Seeing the birds fly overhead. Hearing the waves crash against the sand. Shells make great gifts, decorations, and souvenirs. Opening the opportunity to encourage science and marine life in a hands-on way. While working on all five senses with just one visit.


Explore all the photo features on your cell phone

There are so many features in your cell phone, from the slow-mo feature, time-lapse, and even videos and photos, which are unique ways of capturing your summer memories. Snapchat and Facebook messengers, on the other hand, have some cute overlays that will up your digital edge with some cute, silly photos.

You can also consider using Prisma since it will turn a few of your photos into artwork. Besides, since you may not want to lose the memories like when losing your cell phone, you should also learn how to backup iphone photos and be consistent about it.


Take a nature walk

Being outside with your children gives them an appreciation of nature. I remember growing up always running through the woods and building forts with my friends. Even when it was cold outside, I wanted to be outdoors. Now children have become so fond of technology and it starts at such a young age as well. There is so much beauty in the world, but we become surrounded by more and more buildings every day. Take time to experience the world with your children; showing them to take care and love our planet. Our children are the future of our planet.

It’s prudent to start with shorter walks so that your kids don’t feel bored or get tired easily. Likewise, invest in the right attire, like waterproof, breathable boots and layered clothing, to make the walk more comfortable. Consequently, bring enough water and snacks to keep them hydrated and increase their energy levels. It’s not uncommon for insects to bug you as you walk through nature, but insect repellents from brands like Lemon Grass Farm can deter them from coming near you and your little ones.


Show Them The Sights

If you want to make summertime memories with your little ones, showing them the country they live in is a great place to start. But, even if you decide to travel this summer, you should see the sights with your kids. Because no matter where you go, there are important landmarks to be seen. And they make an excellent opportunity for learning and exploring.

In many countries, landmarks like castles and cathedrals represent a part of the country’s history. You can also visit museums that display important pieces from each country’s history. These could include artifacts from the Stone Age or early civilizations. If you have time, you can also take your kids to parks where they can see statues and monuments. These landmarks are a big part of any country’s identity and should not be missed. If you’re unsure where to start, check out things to do at the grand canyon. You can do activities and see an incredible landmarks at the same time.


Plan on night games

Playing night games is so much fun, especially when your child is involved because you get to bond and create some fantastic memories. Most of today's children tend to conquer the latest games on the internet but have no idea of the games from a decade ago. My favorite game will always be Monopoly.

You can share the wonderful experience with your kid by organizing a session for a family night game as you introduce the games to your kid. The friends of your kids can also join you to make it more fun.


Have a water gun fight

Fill up those water balloons and water guns to get ready for an epic splash battle together. Warning you will get soaked. Not only is it a great way to beat the heat but, teaming up will be a blasting experience. Start amassing an army of your closest family members and friends and transforming your yard into a battlefield. This is a classic summer game that still evolves everyone engaging in some friendly competition. There are tons of ways to make the game more intriguing and add more strategy to win. Try a free for all battle seeing who will be the most soaked. Joining teams and making shields with pool floats to hide behind. Choose someone to be it and if you're hit with water FREEZE! Wait for a family or friend to dodge the water guns to untag you. If everyone is frozen you win! Another idea is adding targets. You can place empty water bottles in the yard. Use a water gun or water balloons to aim and knock them down. There are so many possibilities to play.


Make plans for a scavenger hunt.

Being outdoors encourages your child to discover new possibilities as their imagination grows. Children have an abundance of energy and need to get outdoors to release some of it. Staying inside can create the habit of being lazy and not moving or exercising. Remember a body in motion stays in motion; a body at rest stays at rest.

This scavenger hunt is the perfect outdoor activity to get your kiddo outside and moving. As you know, the current situation of COVID-19 is keeping us home to stay safe. With schools closed and children home all day, we should allow children to get some energy out while exploring the wonders of the outdoors. Download your free Earth day scavenger hunt today and have an adventure!


Take a food tour

There are tons of recipes from around the World you may have never tried. Take a day to choose food theme to try out with your family. Trying new dishes can give you a greater appreciation for their culture. You may never know. There are also plenty of local options to try, like a nearby restaurant serving authentic Japanese food, you can gain a better understanding of their people and traditions. We love getting homemade Ramen from the local place in DC. Your new favorite food could be out there just waiting for you to try. New foods will do more than widen your horizons to new cultures, you may find yourself eating healthier, adding more nutrients to your diet.


Visit a splash pad

Local splash pads are a great alternative to pools. Especially for kiddos who can't quite swim yet. There is no standing weather as well as fewer needs for lifeguards. Fostering physical development, providing sensory stimulation through interactions of water sprays. Splash pads encourage the development of gross motor movement with jumping, running, and dodging. I love placing my foot on a jet to see the pressure blasting the others into the sky. We have found a lot of free local splash pads in my area, perfect for the summer heat.



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