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MAM Anti-Colic Baby Bottle Bottle Is A Life Saver!

My son has had trouble with feedings since the day he was born and I do mean day 1 while in the hospital. He was constatly throwing up every bottle, having gas build up in his stomach, and was very unhappy. After we figured out his formula situation and having to put oatmeal in every bottle, there was still a problem of gas build up. Finding a bottle that was compatible with having a nipple to allow the rice to come out was very difficult and then we found MAM. Their bottles come with four different sizes for nipples from newborns to an X for rice cereal (our life saver).

MAM's anti colic bottles saved our baby from many sleepless nights and being in pain. He is now a happy baby, always wearing a smile. MAM Anti-Colic baby bottles come in 5 oz and 9 oz and are scientifically proven to have 80% less colic for your little one. All their bottles are BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, and CPSIA compliant.

Each bottle comes with super cute designs that families will love. Also, lots of colors to choose from to match every personality (or outfits in my crazy world).

Out of every bottle that we've tried MAM is the only bottle with multiple features to enjoy. Did you have the hassle of trying to find a bottle sterilizer to fit all of your bottles? Well, you will love this. All of MAM's bottles have an innovative technical design to sterilize themselves. Fill the base with 20ml of water which you can easily measure thanks to MAM's labeling measurements right on the lid. Simply put the top and nipple inside the bottle, screw shut, then add the lid. You can then micowave for 3 minutes. Be careful to let it cool before removing.

Our family loves MAM anti-colic baby bottles and we hope your family does too! Check out MAM for yourself by clicking the image below.

***All of Britt's Creative Craft's reviews are based on my own non-biased opinion. MAM did send us products to review but, I chose MAM bottles for my baby before. ***


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