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Meal Time Is Like A Dream With Once Upon A Farm

We'd all love to say that we make our own baby food fresh for our little one but, there never seems to be enough time in the day. It is so much easier to buy food from the store but, we want the best for our baby without all the harsh chemicals.

Once Upon A Farm are all organic, cold-pressed meals for your little ones made with whole fruits and veggies. With Inspired recipes, you can find the perfect meals for babies, toddlers, and kids delivered to you from a fridge not from on a shelf. Check it all out for yourself with the link below.


If you check my travel tab we are always on the go. We need a food pouch that can travel with us. Once Upon A Farm pouches can be left out of the fridge for up to four hours, Need more time? Keep them with an ice pack or freeze them for on the go. Make sure you defrost completely before consuming.




Stage 1 starts at 5+ months.

Cups: Prince of Prunes, I Carrot Lot, and So Sweet Potato

Bowls: Apple

Pouches: Magic Velvet Mango.

Stage 2 starts at 7+ months. A lot more variety starts now.

Cups: Pineapple of my Eye, Blueberry Bear, Straw-Pear-Y Carrot.

Bowls: Pear Carrot Mango, Apple Sweet Potato Blueberry, and Banana Strawberry Beet

Pouches: Farmer Jen And The Giant Squash, Brocc-On, Green Bean-Y Zucchini, Wild Rumpus Avocado, Ohmymegga Veggie, Mama Bear Blueberry, and Green Kale & Apples.

Stage 3 starts at 9+ months

Cups: Squash Bucklin Sage, Beauty And The Beet, and Strawberry Beet Basil

Pouches: Cauliflower & Bell Pepper Power, Sun-Shiny Strawberry Patch, and Gold-Y Mango & The 3 Coconuts.


Apple Sauce


Made for all ages.

Pouches: Apple Blueberry and Straight From The Apple Tree.




These meals start at 12+ months.

Pouches: Blueberry Pear-Fection, Rasp-Pear-Y Vanilla Fairy, and Peter Banana Pumpkin Eater.




Cold-pressed, dairy-free smoothies with no added sugar are made just for your little ones.

Pouches: Strawberry Banana Swirl, Berry Berry Quite Contrary, and Coco For Mangoes

Drinks: Red Raspberry, Banana Berry, Perfectly Pineapple, and So Strawberry.


*** Thank you Once Upon A Farm for sending us coupons to pick up our free meals to try. All of our reviews are biased from our non-biased opinion. ***



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