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Nuby For The Win With All Your Teething Needs!

It's official... Braden is teething!

He constantly has his little fingers and toes in his mouth, trying to bite down on anything he can get ahold of. We always have to put a bib on to prevent the drool dripping down his little chin onto his cute baby outfits. Nuby found products to help every need from teething pain, drool messes, and boredom.

Nuby is our favorite brand when it comes to our teething needs. All their products are soft and gentle for baby's gums. Their products make grasping and holding toys an ease.


Click on each product photo to open a tab where you can buy these products for your little ones.


These Reversible Muslin Teething Bibs are 100% natural cotton and BPA free. I personally have sensitive skin and am allergic to a lot so, I only want to protect my son. These natural fibers are perfect for babies with sensitive skin. Babys will love their extra gentleness from the lightweight woven pattern and teething corner to crunch down on. Parents will love the super cute patterns on each side with a soft velcro tab for easy attachment. These match outfits perfectly no matter what the occasion.

Having my son wears these bibs became my savor. He constantly has drool dripping down his little chin because of his teeth trying to push through. Now that he started eating baby food there is a mess everywhere. These bibs easily clean up the food that he drips onto his face.


The Soothing Teether Sock was perfect for my son, especially now that he found his toes and has learned how to chew on them. These socks are so cute and soft that everyone will love them as much as I do. Each set comes with 1 printed teether sock, 1 printed sock, and 1 hypoallergenic bag to store the socks in.

I love this teether! It eliminates the frustration of when he drops his paci or teething toy onto the ground, because they stay attached. It used to be a hassle of trying to get it clean and back to him before he is flipping out. These teething socks were the perfect solution. They fit comfortably but, snug on his foot so he can chew and chop without having to pick anything off the ground.


My son doesn't love every teether. Most are too big for his tiny, baby hands or his little mouth to chomp on. Other teethers are too tough for his sensitive gums. Chewy Chums are the perfect teething toy! They are 100% silicone and BPA free. Each one comes with their own adorable design to easily grasp and hold. The little bumps on our whale's tail, fins, and water spout easily soothe baby's gums.

I love this whale! It is his favorite teether. He can grab it to play and chew on. I love the design. I was able to strap a paci holder to one of the ends so, he wasn't able to throw it across the room (another new task he has learned recently).


This cute little elephant comes in 4 different animals and colors. These Yogi Teethers are so cute with their little poses. Each one is 100% silicone and BPA free. Each one is easy to grasp due to their yoga poses. Perfect for trying to hold so they can stick it in their mouth to help their little teeth come in.

My son loves our little guy's ears. He tries to get the entire ear into his mouth. He can push the teether where he needs the relief. We just went to the doctor to find out he has 5 teeth coming in at once. If we find an amazing teether we are gonna use it and this is it!


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*** I have partnered with Nuby as part of Nuby's Parent Blogging Program. I didn't receive any compensation but, I do receive free products to review. All of Britt's Creative Crafts reviews are based on my own non-biased opinion. ***



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