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Out Of This World Favorites For Your Future Astronauts!

The solar system is naturally fascinating in the eyes of little ones. Going out back with the telescope looking for constellations. Dreaming to grow up and be an astronaut blasting into space. Them hoping to live on Mars one day. Pictures of the Milky Way that take your breath away. By introducing them to our solar system, you are encouraging a pathway to ask questions, learn S.T.E.M. and open the minds of future scientists.

These are my favorite space-themed must-haves for your future astronaut!


A kid in the day to an astronaut in a bubble bath. Make bathtime fun and explore new adventures in space. The mirror helps to promote self-awareness and recognition. Robot razor and UFO toy encourage motor skills Suction cups stick to the bathroom wall and compartments for easy storage. For an extra fun out-of-the-world adventure add glow sticks to the water and turn off the lights!


Bingo Space Cards - Digital Download

Blast off into an out-of-this-world game. 50 game boards for the fun to be enjoyed over and over again. A perfect space adventure for home, classrooms, and daycares for those future astronauts. With 3 ways to play, there is no limit to the fun. Printable cards to call by name, letter, and astronomical facts. Get ready to soar through the stars and become your very own astronaut.


This Lovey features planets and spaceships that are out-of-this-world! It's the perfect security blanket that will last you forever. As your child grows up, the patterns will encourage your child to learn basic shapes and colors. The Learning Lovey is accented with coordinating ribbons that are sewn shut, so little fingers do not get intertwined in the ribbon loops. The variety of textured ribbons and fabrics encourage tactile play and help children develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally through sensory interaction.


3-2-1-Blast Off!!!! This Outer Space printable playmat will be sure to please your little aspiring astronauts. Destinations on this playmat include Asteroid Blast Zone, Constellation Lookout point, and more! Use with the toys that you already own, and watch their imagination take off as they create their own adventures!


Solar System Unit Study - Digital Download

Together we can learn about outer space and the planets above. This printable file is out of this world fun with games, flashcards, and crafts! Blasting off in excitement, your little one will be having fun while expanding their minds. Counting, patterns, tracing, fine motor skills, and more! Children will shoot for the stars growing their love for astrology. This is perfect for your future astronauts at home or in the classroom! 15 activities including 16 flashcards.


Space Potty Training Chart - Digital Download

Together we can learn to take a hold of potty training. This chart makes it fun to go with fill-in bubbles and out-of-this-world design. Color in or use stickers to fill each bubble when your little one goes potty. After each bubble, they get a prize!


Braden is beginning potty training! What is better than some extra help for when the end of potty training feels light-years away. These pull-ups are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and effective. With the most adorable doodles, your little astronaut will be the cutest in the galaxy. We have always loved Hello Bello from using newborn diapers to pulls up.


*** Britt's Creative Crafts was not paid to share anything in this article. I wrote this article to share with families about our solar system and share what we use at home. Our reviews are always based on our non-biased opinion. ***


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